Gardens by the Bay – Cherry Blossoms aka Sakura & iLight

Meeting our financial consultant today. Gonna change our life plan insurance soon since there’s a better offer.

Too much fries. Lol. *burp*

We’re at Gardens by the Bay, queuing for the tickets… which took us 1 hour because there’s a huge crowd who wants to come and see cherry blossoms aka sakura.

It probably took us another 30 mins to get in…

Some brains and aliens here.

Can’t take pictures of things that are too close-up… must remember my holga cannot focus. Lol.

The crowd…

Still don’t know how it’s consider good lighting for the holga to take pics. I’ll just let it be as natural as possible.

Looks like a rose.

This is a white cherry blossom tree. Sorry, the holga not good with back lighting.

So here’s a nicer pic taken with my phone.

White trees got… smell of pee… like limoniums…

This is what we usually see during Chinese New Year.

My aim is bad.

Light pinkish sakura.

Then we have to queue to get in that little area to see cherry blossoms.

Basically, you can’t stop long enough to slowly enjoy the beauty of the flowers…

And there are people who just can’t seem to understand the fact that they should not be touching the flowers. I saw an auntie grabbing on a branch and pulling it towards her to take picture. Haiz.

Let’s not mention the nationality of the people there… you’ll get it.

Too low for him to get under the tree.

Such pretty leaves!

And we were out of the dome. I can’t stand the crowd…

I think… I still would very much prefer to enjoy cherry blossoms in Japan or Taiwan. I like to see a field of it, not just a few trees.

Waa… like artistic. Lol.

Chubby face.

I’m in a crop top that I bought like 2 years ago! Didn’t wear it before because I look like bak zhang in it… and now I can fit nicely.


This looks like the city is going to be taken over.

Now it’s time for dinner before we head to iLight!

Yes. MOS Burger again. Dunno how many times I have been having burgers this week already. Hahahha! Whole day fries. Wtf.

Don’t worry people, calories still in check.

Trying the new yakitori chicken rice burger.

Too hot. I ate it like I’m having cai peng. Lol.

First light installation that we saw.

This roasted marshmallow very nice!!! 3 different flavours: Rum, Matcha and Earl Grey Chocolate. It’s by The Wicked Cream Co.

Le haunted house…

Mirror maze. Don’t know what’s with the buddha.

Just like the good old times, but much more expensive.

I know this post is very picture heavy. Hehe. That’s all for the day! =P

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