Gardens by the Bay – Cherry Blossoms aka Sakura & iLight

Meeting our financial consultant today. Gonna change our life plan insurance soon since there’s a better offer.

Too much fries. Lol. *burp*

We’re at Gardens by the Bay, queuing for the tickets… which took us 1 hour because there’s a huge crowd who wants to come and see cherry blossoms aka sakura.

It probably took us another 30 mins to get in…

Some brains and aliens here.

Can’t take pictures of things that are too close-up… must remember my holga cannot focus. Lol.

The crowd…

Still don’t know how it’s consider good lighting for the holga to take pics. I’ll just let it be as natural as possible.

Looks like a rose.

This is a white cherry blossom tree. Sorry, the holga not good with back lighting.

So here’s a nicer pic taken with my phone.

White trees got… smell of pee… like limoniums…

This is what we usually see during Chinese New Year.

My aim is bad.

Light pinkish sakura.

Then we have to queue to get in that little area to see cherry blossoms.

Basically, you can’t stop long enough to slowly enjoy the beauty of the flowers…

And there are people who just can’t seem to understand the fact that they should not be touching the flowers. I saw an auntie grabbing on a branch and pulling it towards her to take picture. Haiz.

Let’s not mention the nationality of the people there… you’ll get it.

Too low for him to get under the tree.

Such pretty leaves!

And we were out of the dome. I can’t stand the crowd…

I think… I still would very much prefer to enjoy cherry blossoms in Japan or Taiwan. I like to see a field of it, not just a few trees.

Waa… like artistic. Lol.

Chubby face.

I’m in a crop top that I bought like 2 years ago! Didn’t wear it before because I look like bak zhang in it… and now I can fit nicely.


This looks like the city is going to be taken over.

Now it’s time for dinner before we head to iLight!

Yes. MOS Burger again. Dunno how many times I have been having burgers this week already. Hahahha! Whole day fries. Wtf.

Don’t worry people, calories still in check.

Trying the new yakitori chicken rice burger.

Too hot. I ate it like I’m having cai peng. Lol.

First light installation that we saw.

This roasted marshmallow very nice!!! 3 different flavours: Rum, Matcha and Earl Grey Chocolate. It’s by The Wicked Cream Co.

Le haunted house…

Mirror maze. Don’t know what’s with the buddha.

Just like the good old times, but much more expensive.

I know this post is very picture heavy. Hehe. That’s all for the day! =P

April flowers.

Scarlet Cafe @ Eighteen Chefs
And so. I wanted to have dinner here at Eighteen Chefs, the restaurant just opened yesterday.

Ordered the half spring chicken with heart attack fried rice to share. The serving is so small, I think the heart attack would be caused by the oil that was used to fry the fried rice.

Not worth it. This is $13.80. I could have gone to Arnold’s get a whole fried spring chicken with some other add-ons.
#tifarabbit is super adorable tonight.
Very active. She hasn’t hump my plush yet. Hope she’s not too in heat today.
Ultimate cute!
I think April is one of the best month to get married because there’s so many pretty little flowers.
Even hyacinth.
Purple Oni.
Eeeee… so cute!
Today’s #ootd. Why so stripey? Lol.

Need to starve myself a little bit more, so that I will look thin.

Valentine’s Day . Chocolate Origin

Our retail corner this year! I’ve been selling ‘smiles’ for the whole day. Tired sia… better than getting scolded by customers though. =S
I don’t hate Valentine’s Day, I hate the people who screw it up. These people can never learn their mistakes, never take what you cannot eat!

And. And… 

I dun like girls who think that one day is so-very-important. All those guys can only love their ladies on that day meh???
I was hungry and tired, I didn’t want to leave the bed. I asked the boyfriend to get me some yogurt with granola.

He went out and came back with nothing… I was like, “where the food?” He ask to me wait until his mum go to sleep first. Soooo I waited with an empty stomach.

Finally his mum went to bed… and he gave me this box!
Empty box! Where the food?
Here it is. With added fruit flowers decorated by him. ♡♡♡

Have you tried frozen tomato before? I did. It was quite nice surprisingly. 

The cake was of course very very yummy… sinful… Omg. Om nom nom.

random mumblings

 photo 01-charsiew.jpg

Roasted duck and char siew noodle. Tastes ok but the serving of meat is a bit stingy lo.

 photo 02-orchid.jpg

Beautiful #orchids. Maybe because it’s mint? I’m attracted to mint color.

 photo 03-padthai.jpg

Pad Thai for dinner!

Tifa makes it difficult for me to leave house every single time. She’s so cute! I really don’t want to miss out watching her every move and binkies.

She really loves playtime, she was emo before I started play with her.

 photo 04-sewingmachine.jpg

My mini sewing machine is here! My house got no space for a normal sized sewing machine, so this will have to do for now.

thumper lost & found

The day has been a little crazy today… I don’t know why but I’m quite exhausted.

Nadine’s bunny, Thumper was lost in the morning. Got me very anxious because I can’t imagine losing Tifa. Quickly asked Ah Long to just go over and help Bryan to look for Thumper first while we clear some more work.

Luckily, bunny was found even before we got there to help and we had lunch at Wah Hoe!

 photo 01-lunch.jpg

‘Smooth egg’ beef #horfun.

 photo 02-lunch.jpg

Prawn paste chicken! Must-have!

 photo 03-flower.jpg

Such beautiful #daisies. #nofilter =)

 photo 04-tifa.jpg

So cute hor? Ok la, I’m missing her right now.

random mumblings

 photo 01-lunch.jpg

2 sets of Grilled chicken chop with rosti for only $9.90. Cheap right?

 photo 02-flower.jpg

Here’s a pic of #chrysanthemum. No filter! Pretty eh?

 photo 03-parisbaguette.jpg

Finally here to try their pastries…

Choco half ring was filled with loads of chocolate, some dried fruits and nuts. Worth it because it’s only $2.80 and it’s enough for 2 persons.

Queen’s #muffin is moist and most importantly it’s not overly sweet. A little crusty at the edge too.

Original royal pudding was nice too but I have to mixed it up before eating as it was a little milky. The pudding was more watery than what we usually have, so it became like a milkshake after lots of stirring.

 photo 04-tifa.jpg

Tifa was sitting right there when I was taking this picture. Sometimes she forgets that she should settle her business in her own toilet.
Didn’t let her out for too long. Kept chewing at the blanket and bolster… There are holes in them already… and she pee on my bunny plush. Haiz.

random mumblings

 photo 01-flower.jpg

This beautiful little flower. I didn’t use any filters for this picture.

 photo 07-curryrice.jpg

This scissors cut #curryrice made my day better. It was delicious and there are many other yummy – looking food there too. If only I could eat them all. =P

 photo 08-icecream.jpg

And…. icecream! Even though we were super busy today and didn’t really have the time to slowly enjoy it.

 photo 02-tifa.jpg

Took super a lot picture of this #bunny. How? How? How? She’s so super cute!

 photo 03-tifa.jpg

On her temporary stairs. She may not even need it in future.

Oh! By the way, I just set up her new playpen! There’s no way she can jump out anymore. Hahaha!

 photo 04-tifa.jpg

Having her minty moment. Sneeze is a lot better now, let’s hope that it will be gone forever soon.

 photo 05-tifa.jpg

Kissing the daddy. Lol.

 photo 06-tifa.jpg

Seems like a bunny just found herself a nice corner on the bed to snooze.
Hello, that’s my pillow you are sitting on. You go down now, it’s my bedtime.

No, not the combo.

Sister and I helped our cousin to do her ROM bouquet. Of course, this would save her a lot of money too.


Stalks of tulipis as wedding gifts.

Out for mother’s day dinner and we made a bouquet with the tulips we bought for mum.

Hahaha! Funny Daddy.

Mummy is so proud.

Ok. Proper one.

Smoked Salmon Pizza, pretty tasty.

Lamb Racks with Black Pepper, well done because my parents don’t like it raw.

Smoked duck Pasta with Black Pepper Sauce. This became everyone’s favourite.

Fried Onion Rings.

I will never order their combo platter again, not worth the money and the food is so-so.

Soft Shell Crab.

Potato Wedges.

Chicken Chicharron. It’s well… not nice.

Caesar Salad. It’s tastes like rubbish dump, smells much. Almost vomited.

Grilled chicken. They serve their dishes cold?

Seafood Fritto.

The 4 different sauces to go with the platter.
Clockwise: Black Pepper, Mushroom, Tartar Sauce and Savoury Apple.

Add on a few bucks for an ice cream and it’s definitely not worth it. The serving was so small and it’s just normal ice cream.