Gardens by the Bay and Aloha Ma Maison.

 So we’re at MBS today! Guess where are we going?

Found my twin on the way to the destination.

Tataa! Gardens by the Bay!

The sky may look clear in the pictures but it has been drizzling non-stop. My new shoes are going to get wet soon.

And of course, you’ll see lots of flowers. Mostly orchids though.

Why you staring at me?

King Kong’s son.

One thing I don’t like about this place: the plants are not fully grown yet, and you’ll see soil and fertilizers. Like eww?

Ah yes! Here’s the Supertree. A senseless structure to me, it like making a huge plant arrangement.

Many of these wooden works of art around.

Yes, we bought tickets to the 2 domes, do flash your NTUC or Passion cards if you want a 10% discount.

The waterfall that you will see once you step inside the Cloud Forest dome. Do remember to bring along your jacket, it’s very cold inside.

And you’ll see… plant, plant and plants!

My love.

More of the waterfall.

There’s nothing inside.

At the top level.

Looking at the very tiny orchid.

More flowers.

Just keep going down.

The very extra uncle suddenly come inside our picture. I think it’s on purpose!

Level 4 with lots of limestones, crystals…

Not much plants.

I call this the spiky tree. Look at the spiky leaves!

And the whole tree is filled with spikes!

The place that explains about the domes and supertrees.

Doesn’t this picture looks like it’s from the movies?

To the Flower Dome!

Love this shot!

Flower of the cactus.

Hairy cactus.


Some cute and pretty flowers.

Here comes the alien ones.

Pretending to be dead.

And I call this… patchwork.

This is nice with the white edges.


Looks like hydrangea, but nope… they’re not.

Iceberg roses! Ahhhh~! Beautiful!

More flowers.

Finally done with the domes and I think I’ve pretty much shown all of you the highlights, the rest were just the usual flowers. Maybe it’s just me because I’m seen them quite a lot around. Don’t you think that maybe you should just pay me a dollar for the tour? Haha!

MBS under the tree.

Evening pictures.

Then it was dinner at Aloha Ma Maison! I’ve been looking forward to dine at the restaurant for a long time.

Bring the wooden surfboard to the cashier for payment.

The pancakes with fruits! Love it, love it! So fluffy! Comes together with three different types of syrup – maple, coconut and grapefruit. I want to go back for more!

Pork Katsu Loco Moco was good, although I would love to try beef patty but I won’t be able to finish it all by myself.

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