pho stop

Back at Pho Stop to really try their food this time. How come the fries is more expensive than the chicken wings?

Just look at how big the servings of fries is. Hahahaha! Do not order this if you are in a group lesser than four, there is not way you can finish this if you have mains. Fries are nicely fried and not too salty. Not sure how their special seasoning should taste like because all I taste is salt and a very small tinge of chilli powder.

Chicken wings are good, just like last time.

My main was a grilled pork chop with rice and egg, you can change the rice to fries for an additional $1.00. Pork chop is well marinated; very flavouful. Meat may be a little chewy but I feel it’s alright.

men-tei ramen . pho stop . a-one claypot house

At Men-Tei Ramen because there have seats available and we don’t want to waste time waiting for tables.

Had the Specialty Tonkotsu Ramen; soup was alright, char siew was a little tough to chew and I taste preservatives in the noodles. $14.90. Probably won’t be back.


Tried some finger food at Pho Stop, I think I should come back here for their mains. The pork chop is tasty and chicken wings are nicely fried.


A-one Claypot House at Star Vista has 50% off selected porridges if you have a minimum of one drink, no limit to the number of porridges though. We always order a pot of fruit tea and 2 porridges, so it’s a very good deal for us!

ngon @ 100am

Tried the sliced beef pho. Beef is not thin enough and a little tough to chew. Soup does lack a little flavour too. I call this foodcourt standard, not worth $9.90.


Dad drove me to the gym. Hahahahahhaa!

pu3 . pho street

Tried this new place, Pu3, for lunch. $7.90 for a beef rendang rice set with a drink. It’s pretty good!

Haiya. I thought it’s a brown sugar kueh but… isn’t this gula melaka rice dumpling? 🤷‍♀️

This is very nice!


Took a walk around SAM 8Q.


Vietnamese dinner at Pho Street.
This is my first time having banh mi and I already think that this is not authentic. Still pretty good though.


Sayang anywhere, anytime.


More carbs = more fats in me.