bangkok day 1 – greyhound cafe . pla thong mookata

Too early.

First time we had to take the airport shuttle to board out planes.



Once we have left our luggage at the hotel, we went to get some snacks at 7-eleven, as the Greyhound Cafe at Siam Center isn’t opened yet. Yes, we arrived Bangkok very early.

Decor in Greyhound Cafe was beautiful. Loved the greens.


The food wasn’t as good as we expected though. Beef was chewy tough and pork was a little tad dry. Drinks was alright but I wouldn’t go back for just the drinks if the food wasn’t good.



First purchase of the day! A tiger eye crystal bracelet.



Massage done.



Then it was dinner at Pla Thong Mookata. It was the girl’s first time having mookata in Bangkok.



Starbucks Reserve at Central World.



Finally got to see our hotel room at the end of the day.


Although the toilet looks like it was build to be shared. One side toilet, the other side shower but there’s only one door which slides to whichever side that was in use. *face palm* Door was quite translucent too, can see shape and colour, so we can’t even use the basin while somebody is showering or pooping or peeing.


real thai . japan rail cafe

Real Thai.

I ordered the green curry with rice set.

Curry was more sweet than what I’m used to and it was diluted.


Since lunch wasn’t satisfying, we went for desserts at Japan Rail Cafe. The menu comes in a newspaper form with articles about travels in Japan and it changes every month.

I had the brown sugar soy bean powder latte. It was good but too sweet.

Mmm… favorite!

work from mcdonald’s . first thai

Work in McDonald’s today because there’s going to be a fire drill in office.

Their coffee quite sucks. πŸ˜‚

Lunch at First Thai.
Woo….the pineapple rice quite nice.

Phad Thai too sweet though.


Life is all about mala.


This camera app, Snow app, is so fun!

Here’s my bride.
Hahahahahhahahahahahahaha!!! Rofl. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

japanese snacks . thai gold food . victor’s kitchen . crave nasi lemak

Got these snacks some time ago. Left them aside for quite long because they just look damn milky until I was hungry this morning.

This one is eergh… taste wise ok. Texture all the way baddddd. Crumbly, powdery and it leaves a oily waxy feeling in the mouth. Eek. Hate it.

This is like 白色恋人, which I only like the milk chocolate ones. White chocolate is yucky to me. But this one! Woo! It’s good! It has this fragrance of honey. I love honey. πŸ‘


Lunch at Thai Gold Food which I’ve been seeing reviews on Burrple.

The tom yam soup quite good but I think got quite a lot MSG.

Omelette was quite good. Fluffy.

Pad see yew. Got wok hei.

Mixed vegetables. A bit salty.

Barbecue pork wasn’t what I was hoping for, so I was a bit disappointed. Not fatty enough… if only it was pork shoulder or cheek, it would be perfect.


The guys very scary leh… I think they still wanna have some bites and we ended up in Victor’s Kitchen. Ordered so many food!!! 😫

Xiao long bao. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

You’ll love it if you are a fan of buttery crust.


Please let me get it. πŸ™


Nasi lemak for dinner.

Chicken wing set is $5.90. Chicken wing on point, egg still runny. πŸ‘
I like the long grain rice. Omg. If I wasn’t careful enough, I would have finished the whole plate of rice. πŸ˜…

They have the satay chicken set on promo now, $9.90 with a calamansi drink.

Quite surprise that Crave is by Selera Rasi at Adam Road. I’ve been there before but I don’t find it specially good.

aroy dee thai kitchen

Department lunch meeting. Ate too much again. πŸ˜‹


Thai milk tea was alright.

Omg. I like the stir-fried tang hoon!

TC’s pork rice.

And we shared a mango sticky rice! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Talked alot about the new venture that TC is going into. It sounds very interesting, I hope that things will work out for him.

My job is just plain boring now, it’s gotten stagnant to the point that… haiz… I’m just not the kind of person who sits down and wait for something to happen.