japan hokkaido, day 3 – hakodate asaihi (morning market), red brick warehouse, motomachi

Starting our day at the market.

There are loads of seafood sold here but we do not think the prices here are good. There are stalls that mark up the prices and when you pass by, they will offer you the original price and claim it as a discount.

We bought a slice of melon to share and I almost dropped it. 😅

Cool drain cap.

Found a place for lunch.

I had the scallop, uni and fish roe rice bowl! It was good but just somehow not as good as the one I had at Tsukiji Market.


Hakodate Bay’s Red Brick warehouse.

It’s a really beautiful place for picture taking.

Most of the shops here sell home decorative items or gifts, like musical boxes, dream catchers, famous cartoon characters collectables…

Ice-creamed at Lucky Pierrot.

Headed to the Motomachi area, went pass a few pretty houses.

Visited an owl shrine, the view here is pretty.

Continued walking to a church.

It’s very very pretty inside the church but do keep very quiet and no photography is allowed.

Going back to the car.

Lunch at Kantaro Sushi.

Many choices to choose from.

Green tea powder.


Back in hotel for a nap.


Dinner at the restaurant opposite our hotel, The Very Very Beast. The rating looks good.


Moved to Hakodate Beer Hall next.


Ice cream again!


Up we go to Mount Hakodate!

Be careful went going up or down the hill, there was a fox in the middle of the road while we were going down.


koh grill & sushi bar . paris baguette

The chye peng stall near office is really generous with their servings, enough for 2 small eaters like me to share.


Already at the age or period of time where no new food places interest me, so I choose to have dinner at Koh Grill & Sushi Bar for my birthday celebration.

First time had the century egg tofu, I’m surprised that it’s actually good because I’m not a fan of century egg. The rest are just the usual must-haves.


This Paris Baguette cake is just mousse. LOL.

japan day 6 – osaka . universal studios japan

We are going to Universal Studios today! Weeeeee~!

TC getting a hot drink for me and the vending machine sells hot soup too. 😮

We have people complaining about getting toxicated by heated plastic and here I have a hot drink kept warm by the vending machine.


Here we are! It was crazy when walking over from the train station, I almost got blown away by the wind. Many girls were screaming and all I know was that I was struggling to keep myself on the ground. I gained quite a lot of weight leh!


I bought our tickets from Klook, so no queueing for them! Just need to scan the QR code on the printout to enter.


Took a picture with Charlie Brown! Snoopy lookd a bit distorted, so I don’t want to take picture with it.

So paiseh! I waited too long until my phone locked itself, so when it was our turn… I had to let Charlie wait. 😂 Sumimashen! 🙇🏻‍♀️


I’ve never watched any Shrek movies. Erm. Ya. Hahahhaha.


Minions! Omygawd. I think I got too excited.

And look what I got! So cute! 😍

Eating Bob’s brain. 🤣


Snacks first! Shared a hot dog and snoopy meat bun. It was not bad, in fact so much better than all the food sold in Singapore’s Universal Studio.


This is a very cute place to visit!


Sesame street section, such happy colours.


Going into the Wizarding World! Anyone could easily spend 3 to 4 hours in here.

So many fun things to see!


Late lunch at Three Broomsticks. Luckily we shared a main and a side, if not we would not be able to finish the food.

Chicken & pork BBQ platter, soda bread and butterbeer.

Soda bread tastes like biscuits.

The platter was not bad, the corn was a little tad dry but still very sweet.

Butterbeer does not have butter smell! Phew. It’s like ice-cream soda with cream on it.

You want some too?

“Kelvin, where are you? 😯”


The castle. Went in for the ride, queued for almost an hour. Ride was fun, except the 3D parts. Makes me dizzy.


In Ollivander’s shop of wands. If you are lucky to be selected as part of the show, you may get a free wand.

They are shifting rocks. 😞 Hmm… let’s not bother them.


Jaws. Ride was closed for maintenance.

Hey! You’re not supposed to be there!


TC says I need a hot drink.

Guys. Tell me why their whipped cream so nice? Why? I feel like I was eating ice cream even though it’s warm. 😍


Old movie. There were 3 parts, first 2 parts are just boring because it’s mostly back story of how the film was made… all in Japanese. I understand nothing.

The actual thing was quite fun. Tip, try to leave the place last, so you can see the things shifting back in place and also… I think this is the best place to warm up if you’re feeling cold.


Minions! Didn’t take the ride because we need to go to the other ride before the park is closed.


You kiss Spiderman here.


Oh yes! Final Fantasy!

Cactuar churro, apple flavoured. Tastes like I’m having apple pie. Nom nom.

Went in to queue 2 hours for a 5 mins ride. 😂


Time for a break warm up break. Croissant brulee was yummy.

Didn’t try this but looks nice if you like Sailor Moon.


Going back to take a look at the Wizarding School, for night scenaries.


TC found this highly rated and affordable sushi. Minimum ¥100 per piece. I ate so much.




sushi express . kallang wave mall . chomp chomp

It’s easy to go carb-free when they have salad.

Tadaa! Fish salad.

Looks cute but it’s just balls of mashed up sweet potato.


Shopping around. I’m really thinking about getting Muji furniture.
Decisions. Decisions…


Black coffee. Mine is the cute one. 😁


How I see him from my eye level. 😚


Finally found blackhead peel mask in Daiso!!! Much smaller though.


Got free ice-cream if you shop more than $80 at Kallang Wave Mall! Don’t say I bojio. ✌


Cold storage has this premium iberico pork char siew. It’s really flavourful and juicy. 😋


Chomp Chomp
Satay. How come got baking soda taste… 😐


Drop standard.

At least this was still alright.

Guess I will never be back here. The food choices are so damn limited now. All carrot cake, satay, chicken wings, sugarcane juice… for somebody feeling sick like me…. where’s the porridge stall??? 😭 It was so good… and now it’s gone.

koh grill & sushi bar . fruce

Bringing TC to try the food at Koh Grill & Sushi Bar!

Yaki udon! Love the fact that there’s so much eggs inside. TC loves this dish. 😍

Salmon head miso soup. $10 for a huge bowl, damn worthed it.

Of course must have the shiok-maki too. 😚


Trying the new juice stall, Fruce.

Avocado coconut juice. Tastes just like coconut juice. Haha.


Osmanthus beancurd is happy food.


Very long never eat Indian rojak le. Nom nom. 😊

standing sushi bar

It’s the interns last day, so we’re going to Standing Sushi Bar for lunch!

Sushi is not bad but I think shiokmaki still better. Lol lol.

Oyako don. Again… I miss Kyoto. 😢
Why they put mushroom inside? It doesn’t compliment well… if not it would be quite good.

See. The egg looks quite good, right?

My meal comes with a salad.

Thanks for the help ladies!

My boss really too tall. 😂

salt tapas & bar . itacho sushi

First present this year!


Team lunch at Salt Tapas & Bar!
Burrata with toast. I tried a teeny little bit. Ok leh! No milky smell, in fact I think it’s not bad.

Salmon something. 🤣

Mushroom jam. I like this.

Pork ribs. Not as good as Morganfield’s.


Dinner with TC at Itacho.

Erm… can’t remember what this is.

Oh yes. My favourite scallop sushi!

More yums. 😃