king’s laksa steamboat

Woah! This sliced fish soup is so huge, I think it’s enough for two. $8.80 for this, in a coffeeshop, very overpriced. Just fish soup alone is $8. Not bad but not worthed it la, seriously.


King’s Laksa steamboat with current and ex-colleagues. The quality drop leh (previously). Sad.

The Thai-style tofu was yummy though; soft and smooth.

Got matcha ice-cream, no milky taste. Good!

malaysia day 2 – kampar to cameron highlands

Early breakfast to start the day. Ice milo as usual, then there’s wanton soup (not the best but still good) and the fried items (last night’s at the curry chee cheong fun tastes much better).


Off we go to start our first activity of the day.

Tomb sweeping.


Coconut for the hot weather.

Pokemon gym-ed

While Mum waits for us.



We used to bath in here with water from the well, before things start to fall apart. I will go in together with my cousin, each of us will have a scoop of water in our hands and we will splash each other because it takes a lot of courage to pour the first scoop of cold water on ourselves.



Lunch and we weren’t expecting vegetarian food, this place wasn’t vegetarian the last time we visited which is very long ago.


On the road to Cameron Highlands.

Mountain watch. This is where marble tiles from from.


Stopped at a farm, nephew enjoyed strawberry picking.


Dropped our pokemons in a quiet gym.


Got to our rented apartment, didn’t take pictures of the place (Airbnb link here) but here’s my bed for the night.

View outside from the living room.


Went to a small night market, the famous night market is not open today.

Bought ramly burgers but not nice one let. The bread is stale and jelak. Patty quite tasteless too.

Fried chicken was pretty good but I was too full to enjoy it.


Dinner at C Buddy Steamboat
We got the set for RM 49.90, tom yam and clear soup is free. I ordered corn soup which I feel is very nice, have to add on RM 11.90 for it. Think the set is enough to feed 3 to 4 persons.

sumo bar happy . don don donki

Back at Sumo Bar Happy again, this time with friends.
Most of us had the Bowl of everything, really I think it’s good enough for two to share. (Too bad TC don’t eat beef so I can’t share with him.)
Plus, a Red gyoza and bone marrow to share.


Went to Don Don Donki! Look at the beef. 😍😍😍😍

There are long chicken katsu sticks and ginormous tuna fish heads.

We bought apples and a few other things!


Bingsu then went shopping for clothes!


Suki-ya steamboat dinner.

montana . haidilao delivery . vintage mercedes


Love this corner, very nice place for a quiet lunch. Got mood hor?

Dry flowers can be pretty too.

The is chocolate brew and it looks nothing like chocolate but it smells like it. Very mindf**ked. I taste some coconut in it. 🤔

And look at this mac & cheese waffle. Surprised that it isn’t smelly to me at all. Can’t feel the mac though.

Here’s my truffled eggs rosti. Yum. 😋


This view will be even more perfect if it becomes high in future.


Haidilao has delivery leh. Amazed.
This is my experience with Haidilao. Yes, suaku is me. The queue too long la.

Wooo. Got these little stuffs too. Nubbad.

Seriously ah. Haidilao overrated. So ex somemore. Don’t even have like Iberico pork or wagyu beef. 😒
Then people tell me their food very fresh. I double 😒😒


This vintage mercedes ah…. 10 mil. Can you believe it?

But it really is so so so pretty. 😍
Hilter used to go around in one of these too, so can you imagine how long this car has been around?

😍😍😍 Everything is on point.

goro goro steamboat . art jamming at arteastiq

Steamboat with Sis! Got the fave voucher with promo code, so it only costs $33+ for both of us.

Korean steamboat and here we are having tomato soup and bak ku teh soup. Soup wasn’t very flavourful, I had to add in more things like minced garlic to make the bak ku teh soup even better. I almost took their whole pepper shaker. 🤣

Since it’s $17 each. Ok la, cannot complain. We have more spending power now, so can eat better food. This is a place that I will come during my student days.
At least still got ice cream included.


Art jamming. I don’t like that I only have 3 hours to paint. No time = ugly. So I anyhow paint.

I started painting flowers but it sucks. I painted grey over it…

So now it’s just like that lo. 3 hrs session and I chilled for 1 hr. Nubbad.

Not bad la. Quite artistic. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

king’s laksa steamboat . jen’s birthday

Are you kidding? How is this worthed it? Glad my mobile plan is not under Singtel.


We are going to have Laksa Steamboat for tonight!

The laksa soup was very very good. Even though I was sitting at the chicken soup side but I kept reaching out for the laksa instead. I have to say that the chicken soup is really good too, it’s not just salted water.

Meats and cooked food will have to be ordered from the waiters while veggies are self-serve. The meats are very, very thinly sliced which is awesome.

The potato starch noodle soaks up all the laksa soup goodness. 😋😋😋😋😋

Cooked food comes fresh piping hot. The har cheong gai was juicy and tender. Highly recommended!

Many ice cream flavours to choose from, I think there were 6 to 8?


Happy Birthday! Surprise! 🎂
I think I ate like 1/4 of the cake. 😂

hao lai wu hotpot and grill

So happy for them! They totally got the couple look, then I always feel that they should be together even though I never watch DOTS. Lol lol. Only watch a little on TV and I don’t even know the ending. 😝


Seriously fat die me. 😂 Diet is never going to happen. The food here is really quite good. Just very smelly after that lo. Hahaha.

Actually the pot can’t really contain a lot of soup, there’s so much wasted space.
I like the tomato soup and they got all the mala xiang guo ingredients, so just go for the spicy soup if you can take it.

Total was $119 including drinks. That’s like $30 each already.


Milk tea snow ice, like a pretty ruffled dress. Hehe.


Woohoo! I have Clinique’s dark spot corrector & optimizer now! Such pretty colours! 😍 I hope it works.