japan hokkaido, day 5 – lake toya . fresh soba koyo-tei . sapporo . suage

Breakfast at the resort!

And I tried natto for the first time. The taste is alright, just the slimy texture is quite difficult to accept.


It’s raining again.

Heading to Sapporo!


Stopped by Hoheikyo Dam but it was closed due to gale. The place around the carpark is still pretty though.


Lunch at Fresh Soba Koyo-tei. Their menu is hand drawn! So pretty!

So good! The texture of both hot and cold soba is really different. Cold soba has the al dente bite while hot soba is soft and breaks easily. I prefer cold soba.


Snacks on the go.



Finally in Sapporo! First we stroll at Odori Park.


Wanted to take a break at this cafe but there wasn’t any available seats.

See! It’s so pretty inside!


Went to Oniyanma Cafe instead.

They roast their own coffee beans.


Our airbnb for 3 nights.


Rest and then it was time for dinner. Going to try Suage’s Soup Curry.

I opted for fried chicken. It was so fragrant and juicy. Fried chicken will never go wrong when in Japan.

The soup curry tasted like minestrone soup though. Hahahaha! Nothing like our usual curry.

tokyo banana kit kat . our new bed

Finally opened my box of Kit Kat x Tokyo Banana. Don’t worry it’s not expired. Hahahahha! The marriage of two popular snacks is perfect; chocolate covered treat with moist creamy banana filling sandwiched between crispy wafers. Mmmm…


Other than my corneal abrasion, I’m having a little cough too. Monk’s fruit with chrysanthemum tea to soothe the throat.


Our mattress from Tilam King is finally here! Made the bed too, sheets were washed since last week to prepare for this day.


Dinner was a very thick soup made with the leftover apple soda braised pork sauce. Thumbs up.

u.f.o japanese sauce fried ramen . ser seng herbs restaurant

A very rushed lunch, as I have to run off to receive some deliveries at the new place.


Simple dinner, since I am lazy to go out and get food. This tastes like Indomie, where got Japanese flavour? I feel cheated.


TC packed black chicken soup over from Ser Seng Herbs Restaurant, soup is very sweet due to the herbs and I like the chilli with a balanced sour kick from white vinegar.

malaysia day 1 – penang to kampar

Flying off to Penang with parents for our annual tomb sweeping, so glad for Qing Ming, at least I get to go back once every year.


Landed! Now grabbing some snacks and my beloved iced milo (only when in Malaysia) while we wait for the rental cars to come. Kaya toast was stale, rojak tasted just alright.


Yay! I have the whole back car seat for myself, I could lay down and watch the clouds go by.


Lunch first at Super Tanker Food Centre before we head to Kampar. There aren’t a lot of shops open at the time we reach at 4pm.

I recommend this roast meat stall, especially the char siew. You will get a bowl of soup if you are having rice and it’s a very awesome soup even if it’s cooked with leftover scraps.

Char kway teow, awesome. If only you could see how translucent it is.


Always a good thing to be sharing our location, so we know where the cars are.


Dinner before we head home, if not nobody will want to head out for dinner. Hahaha!

I must have my curry chee cheong fun and this stall is only available at night. They have the best fried items to go with your main.

Glutinous rice, don’t forget to add curry sauce.


Bought two bottles of Calpis yogurt drink, Mango and Grape. Mango tastes like orange, Grape tastes mild.

eyelash extensions . koh grill & sushi bar . marchΓ¨

Did eyelash extension with sister!

Look at those lashes. 😍


Then we went shopping in town. Weeee~ haven’t been out together like this for a long time.

I finally tried the shiok maki at Koh Grill & Sushi Bar! It was gooooood.

Awesome fried rice.

Damn. Even the clam soup is sweet, naturally sweet because of the fresh ingredients.

Mentaiko cod fish. πŸ‘πŸ‘


I bought tarts from MarchΓ¨! 1 for 1. Haha. Last choice left, so I don’t have high hopes for it. Very sweet indeed.

soup spoon . little wimbly lu

Soup spoon’s spicy salmon miso jigae is very nice! And I like the chocolate cake too. Not too sweet with dark chocolate truffle icing at the top. Nom nom.


Ah Lu goes to Little Wimbly Lu.

So many cakes but my quota for cakes met already.

Chai latte with soy milk very sweet. 😣


This shop is like so pretty but too bad it’s gone.

So nice. Cannot see buildings in the picture.


Woo… Nike can do shoe customization too. Another choice for weddings shoes.


Cooked dinner! Nom nom nom.

halia . old airport road

Company L&D at Halia, Raffles Hotel.

I didn’t wear anything special. Really don’t want to spend money for a few hours thing. So I just tried to wear something that’s close to the theme, Balik Kampung, which also happens to be something that I usually wear to work. Lol.

Seriously… what kind of theme is that anyway. πŸ˜‚ I could have just worn home clothes if I don’t mind walking around with it in town.

I’m so tired… I was probably starring into space the whole time. 😴

I’ll try to post the pictures in sequence. May skip a few because never take. Lol.

Pumpkin soup for the day which is not bad. The bread is not bad too.

Chicken salad. I don’t know why the chef chose to use these kind of lettuce? So difficult to eat and bitter also. The rocket leaves ah… the smell is so strong… Gave me a headache. Hardly got dressing on it too. 😣

Goat’s cheese mousse. I had most of the tomatoes… tried to eat a little bit of cheese which is quite an achievement for me. Lol. I feel… greasy… and got some kind of plastic smell. Yuck.

Salmon pate. Acquired taste. You can get a tube of this seafood paste thingy from Ikea, it’s almost the same. πŸ˜‚ Weird taste.

This lamb dish is not bad though. Just not bad ah.

The two dishes which I didn’t take pictures of… happen to be the best out of all. Fries with mayo dips and Japanese pickled cucumber. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Serious. My colleagues agree too.

This was mediocre. 😞 What a waste of crab.

Steak was good but I had better. The mash potato that came with it… argh. It just doesn’t taste right.

One word: Jelat.
Just think of this as green curry without the curry.

This nougat dessert is actually a ice cream… lol. We didn’t know, so it melted by the time we got to it. Haha!!! Another acquired taste. Damn weird one.

Sticky date pudding was quite good but I had better. Lol!!!

I must say huh! I don’t know how much all of these dishes cost but I heard of good reviews. I was disappointed though. Like why would people pay to eat such overly fusion-ed food? I mean the meats are cooked well and all; tender and juicy. BUT! I always feel that there’s something missing in every single dish. πŸ€” I definitely wasn’t wow-ed by any of the dishes.

I won $50 vouchers though!!! Yay! I’ll use it to get my Kate Spade.


Let me have some really good food because I wasn’t satisfied with lunch.

Prawn noodles. 😍😍😍😍😍

And the very soft QQ mochi aka muahchee. 😍😍😍😍


Okie. Now I need to do some self-guasha. Neck and shoulders aching now.