japan hokkaido, day 3 – hakodate asaihi (morning market), red brick warehouse, motomachi

Starting our day at the market.

There are loads of seafood sold here but we do not think the prices here are good. There are stalls that mark up the prices and when you pass by, they will offer you the original price and claim it as a discount.

We bought a slice of melon to share and I almost dropped it. 😅

Cool drain cap.

Found a place for lunch.

I had the scallop, uni and fish roe rice bowl! It was good but just somehow not as good as the one I had at Tsukiji Market.


Hakodate Bay’s Red Brick warehouse.

It’s a really beautiful place for picture taking.

Most of the shops here sell home decorative items or gifts, like musical boxes, dream catchers, famous cartoon characters collectables…

Ice-creamed at Lucky Pierrot.

Headed to the Motomachi area, went pass a few pretty houses.

Visited an owl shrine, the view here is pretty.

Continued walking to a church.

It’s very very pretty inside the church but do keep very quiet and no photography is allowed.

Going back to the car.

Lunch at Kantaro Sushi.

Many choices to choose from.

Green tea powder.


Back in hotel for a nap.


Dinner at the restaurant opposite our hotel, The Very Very Beast. The rating looks good.


Moved to Hakodate Beer Hall next.


Ice cream again!


Up we go to Mount Hakodate!

Be careful went going up or down the hill, there was a fox in the middle of the road while we were going down.


32 . new thai tanic

Tragic thing happened in the morning while I was still whatsapp-ing my Sister, I experienced a sudden sharp pain in my right eye. Couldn’t open my eyes but I somehow got to the kitchen, removed a fallen eyelash from the eye. It was still painful, like something was still stuck inside but there was nothing at all. Concluded that the eyelash could have caused a corneal abrasion.

Bought this eyedrop hoping that it would give me some sort of relief. Other than that I was a pirate most of the time.


Still got to go out to celebrate because it’s my day! Going stuff myself with loads of seafood at New Thai Tanic. I love seafood…

Just look at all that seafood. I’m aiming the Sri Lanka crabs, flowercrabs… Mmm Mm… After picking your crabs or prawns, place them in a box filled with crushed ice to put them in a sleep trance for 15 mins. Then the staff will help to prepare them for grilling.

Read more: https://sethlui.com/new-thai-tanic-live-seafood-bbq-buffet-singapore/#ixzz5J98r6dx6

There’s other selections other than seafood. Cooked food too.

It’s not exactly cheap to dine here? $70 per pax, so it will be good if you can chomp down two crabs, which I can manage easily.

Not a fan of the crab paste, so I ate it with pineapple fried rice. It’s like smoked mayo with rice.

Don’t forget the salad, the staff can prepare it for you too.

Each table gets a serving of banana pancake (actually prata), it was really really good. I should try making this myself.

Waffles and ice cream!

Hope my wishes comes true!

thailand day 1 – bangkok . arte hotel . central world . platinum mall

Breakfast before the flight!

Errr… stuck in the plane now because runway is closed for inspection.

The colour so nice and dreamy. 😍


Anyway I’ve already landed. Let’s get lost! 😂😂😂

Arte Hotel has upgraded our room to 2 single beds and a king bed!

Got no bathtub though.

In the toilet with mum because sis wants to take video of the room without us in it. 😤

Time to head out!


So happy to find these in Central World!


We got a big bag of pork to share. So good. 😋


Saw this little ice cream truck outside Platinum Mall.

Looks good.

Mango ice cream. 👍

Then we shared a plate of mixed stewed pork at the Platinum Mall food court. Nom nom. They eat fats, I get all the meat. 😁

Did a lot of shopping after meal!!


Having our dinner at a roadside stall!

Omelet and water mimosa. I haven’t figured what’s that veggie. What is water mimosa?? It’s not kang kong leh.

Yellow curry crab. Not quite what I wanted but still pretty good.

Grilled prawns. Juicy. 👍


Got this ‘Tokyo Banana’ from the Big C Supermart! The texture is legit, as good as the real Tokyo Banana. I should probably try to get more. 🤗

chai soy latte . sakura international buffet

我的梦… 😐


Going to try making my own chai latte!

1. Boil the spices and tea bags in some water and let it steep for around 3 mins.

2. Then add in the soy milk and warm it up. Add sugar or honey to sweeten if you think it’s needed, I used gula melaka.

3. Pour and enjoy!

TC asked me what is it that I like about this tea because you know it’s quite an acquired taste. Very indian. Lol.

It’s just very warm and comforting to me.

With so many benefits.


Papa’s birthday dinner!
He loves going to Sakura International Buffet, no idea why. Lol. Anyway, the branch Yio Chu Kang has different variety of food, so I suggested there. Plus, he’s lazy to travel far la.

There’s quite a lot of items to choose for your hotpot. Prawns are really fresh!

There’s chilli crab! The sauce is very nice to dip other food in even though there’s fried mantou but it will be too sweet when you’re just having the crab itself.


The rojak seriously not bad. 👍

The bird’s nest Portuguese egg tart looks sad but it tasted quite good. The pastry was really flaky.

Got buttermilk waffle with haagen daaz ice cream! Yum.

Cakes so pretty too. 😍

the prata place . buddy hoagies

The Prata Place for brunch!

Egg benedict prata. I’ve made something like this for myself many years ago, even before they started selling it. 😂

The teh halia is quite good, not too sweet.

More specialty pratas if you are interested.


Then it was Buddy Hoagies for dinner!

Here’s what we ordered.

Coffee is bitter. Haiz. I don’t like it because I had a little sore throat after that.

Here’s my mixed grill, $15.90, with sausage, pork and chicken cutlet. I chose baked potato and hot veggies as my sides.

While TC had the seafood platter, $13.90, all fried. It has fish, shrimp and calamari. Sides was onion rings and coleslaw.

I would say… just go Astons la. Lol. It’s nearby. More affordable with the same quality. The only thing I like is those huge onion rings, very good.


I bought two more but I wanna cry liao. 😭😭😭
Because I got Alice again and Shock from Nightmare before Christmas. 😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

koki tamagoyaki . leong ji seafood

Going to celebrate Mum’s birthday today! We’re supposed to celebrate yesterday but somebody last minute say she busy. So bo bian.

Sis bought this tamagoyaki with braised pork to try! Tamago is very nice but the pork is too tough and chewy, so just get the tamago can le. Don’t waste money on the pork.


Leong Ji Seafood

Deep fried kang kong and squid rojak. 👍

Fish maw soup.

Salad prawn.

I call this the Chinese-style duck confit. 😂 Very good!

Salted egg crab!

Black pepper chilli crab. Too spicy. 😵 The crabs are very fresh! So it’s very nice!