japan hokkaido, day 3 – hakodate asaihi (morning market), red brick warehouse, motomachi

Starting our day at the market.

There are loads of seafood sold here but we do not think the prices here are good. There are stalls that mark up the prices and when you pass by, they will offer you the original price and claim it as a discount.

We bought a slice of melon to share and I almost dropped it. 😅

Cool drain cap.

Found a place for lunch.

I had the scallop, uni and fish roe rice bowl! It was good but just somehow not as good as the one I had at Tsukiji Market.


Hakodate Bay’s Red Brick warehouse.

It’s a really beautiful place for picture taking.

Most of the shops here sell home decorative items or gifts, like musical boxes, dream catchers, famous cartoon characters collectables…

Ice-creamed at Lucky Pierrot.

Headed to the Motomachi area, went pass a few pretty houses.

Visited an owl shrine, the view here is pretty.

Continued walking to a church.

It’s very very pretty inside the church but do keep very quiet and no photography is allowed.

Going back to the car.

Lunch at Kantaro Sushi.

Many choices to choose from.

Green tea powder.


Back in hotel for a nap.


Dinner at the restaurant opposite our hotel, The Very Very Beast. The rating looks good.


Moved to Hakodate Beer Hall next.


Ice cream again!


Up we go to Mount Hakodate!

Be careful went going up or down the hill, there was a fox in the middle of the road while we were going down.


kuro maguro

Today we’re having lunch at Kuro Maguro because colleague is craving for it. Two expensive lunches in a row… poor die me.

Not a fan of tuna, and I’m trying to get something that’s from the lower price range, decided to get the mini bowl, choose 3 items for $22.80. Like that I can try a bit of everything!

Woohoo! Looks so happy!

Mini barachirashi. I think it’s alright, nothing amazing.

Mini Salmon & Toro Aburi Meshi. Really not a fan of tuna, even though I really want to enjoy it like how other people do.

Mini Salmon Terimayo Aburi Meshi. Not bad but not amazing.

OK, so if you have the J Passport app, you can claim a piece of fatty otoro sashimi with the e-coupon.


sushi tei

Lunch at Sushi Tei! I had the Winter promo selection, Chasyu Don. The egg looks really good. Lol. 😍

Sashimi too. 😋😋😋


My aunt made this thing for my Dad’s cough. I thought it was a huge bone marrow from far. Lol.

So there’s honey inside. Loads of it inside the radish with wolfberries.


Mom made salted egg chicken. 🙆 I ordered last night. Lol.


Woohoo! Jasmine coming soon!


Just came back from late night supermarket-ing with parents. Damn sleepy now but…
Must settle my craving first because I saw a variety show during dinner.

Really handmade peanut candy in Bangkok. Looks so good.

Got this cake too! Quite fluffy and not too sweet, a little bit dry though.