men-tei ramen . pho stop . a-one claypot house

At Men-Tei Ramen because there have seats available and we don’t want to waste time waiting for tables.

Had the Specialty Tonkotsu Ramen; soup was alright, char siew was a little tough to chew and I taste preservatives in the noodles. $14.90. Probably won’t be back.


Tried some finger food at Pho Stop, I think I should come back here for their mains. The pork chop is tasty and chicken wings are nicely fried.


A-one Claypot House at Star Vista has 50% off selected porridges if you have a minimum of one drink, no limit to the number of porridges though. We always order a pot of fruit tea and 2 porridges, so it’s a very good deal for us!

the problem with agoda . ippudo . dimbulah

My Mum called all the way from Taiwan telling me that her hotel room was not confirmed because they could not process the payment even though the booking was done via Agoda. If payment did not go through (I have confirmed that the payment was not made), then why did I still receive the confirmation? Omgawd!

Shock! My Mum is alone in Taipei and she doesn’t have a credit card. What if she gets stranded there?

So what I found out is that Agoda does not charge us directly, our credit cards details will be sent to the hotels for them to charge us. Another surprise, which means that if Agoda’s security breach, our cards details will be leaked?

I submitted details of my AMEX card but hotel does not accept AMEX, so why allow the AMEX function? In the end, I have to give another card details through my Mum’s phone.

Called Agoda at 1pm and they have not updated me since. What kind of service is this? Luckily, I still managed to settle it.


Agoda killed my mood when having Ippudo ramen. Taste so-so, definitely not worth my $22 excluding taxes.


Dimbulah is not bad. At least I’m not having a sore throat. Haha.


kajiken . jew kit

Colleague was raving about the Nagoya style dry ramen from Kajiken, kept wanting to bring us here for lunch.

She says we must have it with cod roe and mayo, so here it is! (Why does it feel like my Japan trip has not ended yet? 😅)

Noodles are the fat kind, let’s call it thin udon or rather I think it’s like Okinawa style udon (because I never have the real Nagoya style ramen before). It’s comforting because of the egg, cod roe and mayo (two kinds of eggs in one) but it does get quite jelak after some time. Colleague thinks is due to the mayo but I think it’s due to the noodles.

Overall it’s not bad but not something that I will come back again because I can easily replicate this. 😆


Supposed to have dinner at Whampoa Keng Fish Head Steamboat but somebody says that it’s expensive, we ended up at Jew Kit.

The food here really looks not bad, think they are famous for their chicken rice.

Don’t know why but I got craving for Plum powdered sweet potatoes.

The chicken is really plump. Quite tender too. 👍

Lap cheong egg. I like lap cheong. 😁 Salted egg pork rib was pretty alright too. We also had a nai bai and a handmade dumpling soup that’s not pictured. I like the dumpling soup, simple and comforting.


sumo bar happy . don don donki

Back at Sumo Bar Happy again, this time with friends.
Most of us had the Bowl of everything, really I think it’s good enough for two to share. (Too bad TC don’t eat beef so I can’t share with him.)
Plus, a Red gyoza and bone marrow to share.


Went to Don Don Donki! Look at the beef. 😍😍😍😍

There are long chicken katsu sticks and ginormous tuna fish heads.

We bought apples and a few other things!


Bingsu then went shopping for clothes!


Suki-ya steamboat dinner.

sumo bar happy

The choices looks good.

Cute coasters!

Matcha milk tea with gula melaka. It was alright.

They gave us extra eggs!

Curry bone marrow was very good. Kind of a combination of curry twisties and foie gras. Those little toasts are very cute.

Chicken skin with seaweed. Nice but too salty for me.

I got the beef and char siew Tsukemen. The meats are very soft and tender. I highly recommend.

The eggs. Perfect. 👌

xcape rpg . ramen keisuke tonkotsu king four seasons


And it happened.


Xcape RPG
My colleagues and I were the first batch of testers for the new game at Xcape!

Woah. Look at the setup. So much effort.

So each of us have to choose who we want to be amd they will ask us to dress up at the character. We will be given a different ‘script’ telling us about the profile and what has happened during the certain timeline and we won’t know what the other person has in their script. Everyone will have a different ‘motive’ or reason that’s good enough to want to kill the victim.

That’s where we have to look for evidences in the rooms and link up the whole story to find the actual murderer.

That’s us in our ‘cosplay’. Hahaha! I was a servant. 😂 It really is quite fun and I do recommend it.


Dinner was ramen since it’s just downstairs. The soup today very salty. Dunno why.

We tried all of their flavoured colas and gingerale. Truth be told… we can’t taste the flavours at all.

sō ramen

When nobody knows where the colleague is and everybody asks until I’m pekcek. Lol.


Trying this new ramen place at NEX, Sō.

The soup was not flavorful enough though, it just tasted salty to me. Luckily the tender braised meats make up for it.


Got the Mickey mouse shirt that I’ve been eyeing for a long time. Took the largest size for the kids section because it’s $2 cheaper than the adults’. 😁

ramen keisuke kani king

Mapo lor mee looking good. A bit salty though.

Waaa. Got old school sewing machine shop here.

Look at those freshly roasted huge chestnuts.

My love for chestnuts will never die. 😍
Or food in general. 😂


Bunny forever!


In the queue for crab soup ramen at Ramen Keisuke Kani King!

Got to try the green tea cola this time. Can’t really taste the green tea though.

TC’s rich soup ramen.

And my tsukemen! The soup is very thick and creamy, I’m in love. This is the first time where I can’t decide to keep the egg or the soup last. 😂

takagi ramen

Black chicken soup for the body post-menses.


So we had this new ramen stall in a coffee shop, Takagi Ramen. $6.50 for the black tonkotsu ramen. There’s quite a lot of ingredients in the bowl: chashu, beansprouts, black fungus, bamboo shoots and an egg. The downside… It does lack in flavour but good enough. Really quite well worth for the price.

Most importantly! The egg is still runny inside!!! I would expect it to be hard-boiled for the price but no… surprise surprise~

Early logcake as dessert. Lol!

And a bottle of water for only 10 cents. You know where to get it. 👆

TC was quite surprised with the price. Now he uses this as a ‘money-saving’ thing. Like “Wow, if I get it from here… I can still get 9 bottles of that water!” Seriously, it really makes it sounds like you saved a lot. Hahhahaha!