myojo spicy lobster hot pot cup noodles

Prepared prata for breakfast, I’m not that crazy to make prata from scratch when frozen pratas tastes just fine.


Did quite a lot of cleaning up at the new place. Not bad, at least we are ready for some big furniture and electronics to come in.

Think my hunt for special cup noodles since Japan trip has not ended. This Spicy Lobster Hot Pot looks good.


Actually ah. Just skip this. Tastes like chicken soup only and mildy spicy. I feel cheated.


kothu prata . painting a vintage vw beetle



When you see something special on the menu, order it.

This is kothu prata. Chopped up prata stir fried with lots of egg and onion. It’s like chay kuay teow but curry style. Damn nice but spicy.


We’re going to paint the vintage beetle today!

First we cover the parts that are not supposed to be painted.

I helped too!

Sometimes we have to be on all fours too. Lol.


Had leftovers from last night’s haidilao.

But with Iberico pork shabu. 😋

bedok marketplace . mahamoodiya

You probably can’t see in this picture but there was a second rainbow. 😍


I bought new toys! Yes, I only go crazy for this toy.

This was inside the capsule!


Visited Bedok Marketplace for dinner.

Fisher Chef’s black pork rice is very comforting to have. 🖒

TC got fish & chips from The Chop Chop Selections which was quite good and value for money.


Went to Mahamoodiya for a cup of good teh halia.

Shared a prata because it’s so damn good… and we have already travelled all the way here. Might as well.