bangkok day 2 – chatuchak . featherstone cafe bistro

Starting the day with a Cha Tra Mue milk tea before we start our shopping at Chatuchak.


My must-have grilled pork and fried chicken.


One of the best buys at Chatuchak, I customised a tote bag for myself! There’s also t-shirts, mugs and caps.



Lunch at the market outside Centralworld.


Did so much shopping.


Legs are dying.



Tea break at McDonald’s, trying their new spring roll pie. Really is just spring roll with a different ‘crust’.



Dropped our bags at the hotel and out we go for dinner at Featherstone Cafe. Going to meet the guys who arrived in Bangkok today.

It’s a very beautiful place.


The menu.


Took a look around the whole cafe while we are waiting for the food to come.


There’s an area spelling trinkets, healing stones and hats.


Look at the drink! This is Wild Gardenia, got this because of the colourful ice cubes. I feel like Alice in Wonderland.


The ladies shared a Vongole and a Bacon & Egg Pizza.


Food was good overall but the braised beef cheek which was from their new menu wasn’t, so that was a risk.

wafuken . huggs . pizza maru

Wafuken again because colleague wants to try the wagyu beef, while I had the chicken breast on donburi rice with edamame. The chicken breast was very very tender, not dry at all. Wagyu beef was tender too with a nice smoky touch.

Wafuken last week


Tried the Turmeric Soy Latte at Huggs because there’s no Chai Latte. Nubbad.


My dayima has been asking for pizza since morning, that craving was crazy and I thought I will just settle with a pan-sized from Pizza Hut. TC says my ‘bar dropped’, like why I settle with fastfood pizza. Hahahahha! Walaoeh. I just feel that anything that can satisfy will do.

TC brought me to Pizza Maru instead.

Ordered the Duck Duck Goes Quack Quack and Honey Garlic Fried Chicken.

Mmmmm… craving satisfied. Crust was slightly bready and chewy.

Green tea dough was used for this pizza, can see that it is slightly green.

The fried chicken was very good! Meat was very juicy. Skin very crispy.


Head and shoulders, knees and toes
Knees and toes, knees and toes
Head and shoulders, knees and toes
My fair lady

I know the lyrics is wrong. Damn, all because of the shampoo bottle in the bathroom. As long as it rhymes and ends it. It doesn’t matter. There’s no way I’m going to let a song like that go on forever. 😅


Vegetarian rice today. Quite good but not something that I will go back again.


Too many people getting sick in office!!! I better spam more vit C. I think blueberry flavour tastes better than orange.


Drinking with colleagues at Tuckshop again.

Lucky we never order too much this time.

Kampong BBQ chicken pizza is good, lots of tender and juicy chicken chunks.


pipi’s birthday – clinton st. baking co. & restaurant . cicheti

Out of the house! Chasing after my nose. Lol! (Yeah, it’s still running.)


First stop!
Brunch at Clinton St. Baking Co. & Restaurant

Blueberry pancakes with warm maple butter. Ooh. The pancakes so fluffy, I gonna die. 😍

Farmer’s Plate of pork patties, soft scrambled eggs, roasted tomatoes, sourdough toast and…

Two huge chunks of cheddar. 😰😰😰😰😰

Okay, I did try to cut into small little pieces and eat it together with the other things. I did manage to finish half a chunk of it. Didn’t really like the grainy texture though. 😐

Scrambled egg is really soft and runny. Pork patties = yum yum. I wanted to try their buttermilk fried chicken with waffles but my throat… haiz. Next time ba.

Coffee for him. Peppermint tea for my nose.


New bag, new shoes. ✌

I somehow feel that I look even younger after dyeing my hair black. 🤔


Then it’s dinner at Cicheti!

Coffee first because need to wait quite long for one of our mains.

This was their special of the day, Polpo. I tell you… it may look scary but damn… it’s very good! I’ll come back for this again if I could.

This is our pizza, Bismark. It’s big. Almost stuffed after three slices. *burp*

Then we had the whole salt baked seabass. The reason why I wanted to bring TC here, he loves salt baked fish. I had a few mouthfuls then cannot already. 😂

But it’s really fresh and juicy. Highly recommend this. Even those we had in Thailand is not as juicy as this.

peperoni pizzaria . alchemist beer lab

Lunch! Very long never eat already!

And I had a hairwash in a small neighbourhood salon while TC has his haircut.


Going out to meet friends! Weee~

Too thirsty.

Finally going to try Peperoni Pizzaria’s wood-fire pizzas!

The queue was taking quite long, hence got time to take pictures.

Yay! Got seats after like 30 mins wait.

I suaku, very happy to see a huge pizza.

Weeee~! Next time just order those with eggs. Hahaahhaha! The egg and mushroom very basic but nice! I wanna replicate leh.


Next stop: Alchemist Beer Lab.

They have a basic range of drinks to choose from. Wines, beers and stout.

Here’s the range of infused alcohols. Can ask for a tasting before deciding what you would like to get.

Here’s the alcohol menu. I tried Obama, it’s not sweet but has a very slight fragrance. I liked Last Straw and ordered it without testing others.

A really nice place to chill.


We had supper too. 😂 Tomorrow must control.