bangkok day 2 – chatuchak . featherstone cafe bistro

Starting the day with a Cha Tra Mue milk tea before we start our shopping at Chatuchak.


My must-have grilled pork and fried chicken.


One of the best buys at Chatuchak, I customised a tote bag for myself! There’s also t-shirts, mugs and caps.



Lunch at the market outside Centralworld.


Did so much shopping.


Legs are dying.



Tea break at McDonald’s, trying their new spring roll pie. Really is just spring roll with a different ‘crust’.



Dropped our bags at the hotel and out we go for dinner at Featherstone Cafe. Going to meet the guys who arrived in Bangkok today.

It’s a very beautiful place.


The menu.


Took a look around the whole cafe while we are waiting for the food to come.


There’s an area spelling trinkets, healing stones and hats.


Look at the drink! This is Wild Gardenia, got this because of the colourful ice cubes. I feel like Alice in Wonderland.


The ladies shared a Vongole and a Bacon & Egg Pizza.


Food was good overall but the braised beef cheek which was from their new menu wasn’t, so that was a risk.


kabe no ana . mad jack cafe

I got a new friend! 😁 TC got this for me while he was in HK. ❤


Very long never visit Kabe No Ana already.

Just aim the Mentaiko!

TC is having the Mentaiko Carbonara.

While I had the Salmon Avocado. 😋

Don’t forget the Mentaiko Mayo Toast! Must have!


We had cakes at Mad Jack Cafe. These are quite moist and delicious. Surprised that their cakes is actually quite good.


I stepped in Miniso to buy socks, don’t have what I wanted.
Came out with this bag instead. So cute! $5.90 only. How to not buy???

pasta mania . self-heating instant mala hotpot . liang pi

Pasta mania again. Lol.
I had the Miso Clams and Mushrooms this time at the SMU branch. It really is salted version leh. NEX is more of sweet. Weird huh.

Added the garlic soy chicken for my snack set. Garlic bread is a waste of money even if it’s cheaper.


Think properly when you are re-contracting your mobile plan for #Note8. It doesn’t mean you’ll save more if you get the higher end plan.


Gonna try these instant mala food that I bought from Qoo10!

Start with the mala hot pot first.

All the little parts.

Follow the instructions.

👌Then cook.

Wait for approx 15 mins for the food to be heated up. Remember to use a placemat while heating up, you wouldn’t want to heat up your table.

Liangpi (凉皮)

Whattttt… don’t remind me of my fats.

Edible method. 😂

The noodles is one whole chunk. Took me longer than the time stated to make sure it’s all cooked and soft.

Woo. Yummy leh. Really is numb. Spice is still quite manageable for me, need to break in between. Will be quite good for snacking during dramas. The other noodle is just alright though. The vinegar taste too strong, my mum thought it’s spoilt. Lol.

testing note 8’s camera . pasta mania

Trying Note 8’s camera and she wouldn’t stop moving.

Testing live focus.


Normal mode without live focus.
Think live focus will be more suitable for objects that are at least 1.2m away. Try again later.


Walked so much… I’m just going to spam a lot of photos

My legs… 😂
Nevermind as long as I get to burn some calories.


Pastamania again

TC had the Miso clams and mushroom. My colleagues had this the last time at SMU and commented it was very salty but this isn’t salty at all. In fact, it was quite good. So it depends on who is cooking the dish.

I had the beef rending and it was really good. Enjoyed it.

big breakfast in bed . pasta mania

梦见丑陋的脸 —— 不幸要临头。
梦见脸上生疮 —— 在运动方面将有乐事发生。

梦见难看的脖子 —— 预示会遇到困难。

It’s a very weird dream. 😩

Ah. I think it’s more like this:

And this too. That’s why I see my ugly/rotting face.


Big breakfast in bed. 😁


I’m here to #huntthemouse

I didn’t know that this place is so huge.

More seating at the back.

I had the Thai Curry Seafood, which was very spicy even though I asked for the lowest spice level.

TC has the salted egg chicken. Quite good leh, I’m surprised.
You know ah, one of the reasons that I hate going to Pasta Mania is because they overcook the pastas. Very bad. Lol. My view of it today has changed. I may actually be back again.

But the amount of carbs ah. Plus, there’s no real nutrients at all.

All the fats for 3 cards. It better be worthed it.


To get more hints.

saturday house . wimbly lu

Thai for lunch!


Saturday House

I’ll post pictures of the menu here.

This marmite chicken wings just looks like a heap of black stuff but it’s good. Crispy and flavorful. 👍

Vongole was soupy. Lol. Dunno why. But TC likes the soup.

The grilled pork collar is really good until it’s kind of like having steak. 👍👍


A good chocolate cake and lemon meringue ice cream float to end the night at Wimbly Lu.

universal studios singapore . modesto’s . caffebene

Quick lunch before the fun happens today!

Waiting for friends at Starbucks.
Matcha soy latte without sugar is actually much much better! Ok, I will only get this in future. Lol.


TC and I got our 6 months annual passes! My treat! Lol.

We went in this attraction thinking that it’s the publicized Christmas attraction.

But then… no leh. 🤔 This place is weird. Lol.

I had a Churros while waiting for the guys to finish a ride. In the end, Sarah and I went in together with them for a second time because they say not scary.

It’s ok leh! I just hated the 3D la, made me dizzy. Lol.

Castles are so pretty to look at.

Saw Puss in Boots!

Queued for the second ride! Sarah freaked out a little. Lol.

The Christmas attraction is quite hidden. We have to walk to the back of an alley to get there, even the huge sign is not very obvious.

This place is really pretty! Imagine fairy lights everywhere! Omg….


My hair like so messy. Eyer.

Best corner to take Christmas-y photo! Why my face so round ah? Stupid DYM.

Getting dark.


Travelled back to Vivocity. Wanted to settle at Jamie’s Italian for dinner for need to wait, so we ended up at Modesto’s instead.

The vongole is yummy! I like. 😋

TC had the mushroom stuffed ravioli. It’s nice leh! Imagine mushroom soup inside. 😍 Must be careful though, the mushroom very hot.

We ordered a pizza but they totally forgot about our order, so we canceled it. Too bad… we were looking forward to it too.


Dessert at Caffebene

Ordered the Nokcha Chocolate Granache. It’s made by Butter Studio. The matcha cream was on point but the cake… too dry. Very dry. Hardly any chocolate too. Why huh? Why?