hotcakes . herbal chicken soup

I don’t know why, I have been having this McDonald’s hotcakes craving for like 2 weeks already. Getting the craving satisfied today.

Syrup on the hotcakes and stack them on top of each other, slice them like a cake. Mmmm…


Ingredients for dinner tonight.

Omg. It was so good, TC cleared everything and he was also thinking about making it again himself. LOL


New outfit for my special day is here!

kyushu pancake cafe

It’s satisfy pancake craving day! We’re back at Kyushu Pancake Cafe.

Egg benedict pancakes, I think I still prefer the croque monsieur.

I wanted chocolate banana french toast but we got the waffle instead, we could have ordered wrongly or they got the wrong order. Oh well.


Ordered our mattress from Tilam King, the latex option from the luxury series.


Haven’t had Astons for a long time, think the serving is smaller now? Or, it depends on which outlet we are at?


I gave birth to a rabbit.

seventh anniversary . etch&bolts . hawker chan

Making brunch!

Tadaa! The apple baked ham was really good, it was on offer. $1.75 for 100g.
Also made a huge pancake because I was sick of frying the pancakes one by one. Put some oranges over so it could be a dessert but we were too full by then. Mission fail.


Where we went today.

The things are quite pretty.

Got cats too!


First time tried the Michelin rated soy sauce chicken at Hawker Chan. The chicken and very tender and juicy! Maybe can buy the whole chicken back home to share.

mini moon at bangkok – day 4 . harrods . mcdonald’s . coming home

Checking out soon.








People can just come in and takeaway.


There’s a ice cream parlour! Mmm…



Ordered a garlic pepper chicken and pancakes. Both servings are very small, nothing amazing about them. There’s too much baking powder or soda in the pancakes, so it tastes bitter at the end



But the elderflower and golden honey ice cream was good. So just go for the ice cream only, the mains are just meh.




They have this new curry crab pie, which is not as saucy as I hope it would be.




My shopping done in 20 mins!

Hahaha! Feel like a pro, fast & furious.
Because I’m just back to repurchase (same design, different colours) from the few stores in Platinium Mall that I have been to before.
– December No. 5
– White Studio
– This one store at level 1, 3 row from the entrance, turn right, walk to the end. Last 2nd or 3rd store on the right hand side.

While on the way back, bought this pack of pork shoulder at the stalls outside Centralworld. Yums.


Couple shoe! Lol.
Mine is a lot dirtier because I wear it very often.


I see cute bunnies, I spend money.




At the airport! Good thing we started our way 4 hours before flight.

Got my Thai milk tea.


Pad see yew. Same brand but it tastes different from the last time we had it. Not as flavourful.


I always see banana cake and I finally tried it. Nice but is little dry.


My first ugly DQ vanilla cone.



Cya Singapore in 3 hours time!



Supper. Hungry after all the way back.



sunday market . hipvan . matchaya

Yay! 出门咯!


Sunday Market has pretty hanging plants. Me like! Place is very quiet to chill, there’s probably only two other couples inside.


The CCP.
Chocolate chip pancakes with lots of berries and vanilla ice-cream. I must say it’s pretty good.

Sir-duck-tive. Slow-cooked duck is tender and pulls apart easily. 👍

Pretty sky.

And I love quiet roads.


Go Hipvan look see look see. I like this sofa with the colourful buttons, too bad it’s a little squeaky.


Dessert time at Matchaya!

First time having warm Warabi Mochi. Lol. The Matcha soft serve a bit too milky for me.

kyushu pancake cafe . marvel tsum tsum

Ok. My rabbit does know how to sleep under covers on her own even though it’s not cold at all.

Doesn’t look very comfortable though.


Brunch time! Woohoo! Kyushu Pancake Café, a little cafe near Novena.

Croque Madame looks good.

Omg…. the croque madame pancake is very good. Just the pancake itself is soft and fluffy! 👍

There’s also ham, potato, bechamel sauce and egg. The combination is bagus! This is comfort food!!! 😍😍😍 Can imagine myself coming all the way from work to just destress.

But cannot… 🖐 I scare fat.

The mixed berries pancake is also awesome. The vanilla ice cream that came with it was sticky. 😍 In love with it.

We shared a fruit tea.

I really have to go back and try the other items on the menu.


Ka-ching! I wanna get the other colour but don’t have my size! 😬


Omg… Got Marvel tsum tsum!!! This is more expensive though.

Captain America!

Thor so cute, so cute!!! And he has tiny little wings! Hahahha!

I wanna get the racoon below, it comes with a mini Groot but don’t have. 😧


The Chai soy latte at Starbucks is like the worst chai ever. No fragrance of chai at all. 🙁 It’s just tea soy latte.

pipi’s birthday – clinton st. baking co. & restaurant . cicheti

Out of the house! Chasing after my nose. Lol! (Yeah, it’s still running.)


First stop!
Brunch at Clinton St. Baking Co. & Restaurant

Blueberry pancakes with warm maple butter. Ooh. The pancakes so fluffy, I gonna die. 😍

Farmer’s Plate of pork patties, soft scrambled eggs, roasted tomatoes, sourdough toast and…

Two huge chunks of cheddar. 😰😰😰😰😰

Okay, I did try to cut into small little pieces and eat it together with the other things. I did manage to finish half a chunk of it. Didn’t really like the grainy texture though. 😐

Scrambled egg is really soft and runny. Pork patties = yum yum. I wanted to try their buttermilk fried chicken with waffles but my throat… haiz. Next time ba.

Coffee for him. Peppermint tea for my nose.


New bag, new shoes. ✌

I somehow feel that I look even younger after dyeing my hair black. 🤔


Then it’s dinner at Cicheti!

Coffee first because need to wait quite long for one of our mains.

This was their special of the day, Polpo. I tell you… it may look scary but damn… it’s very good! I’ll come back for this again if I could.

This is our pizza, Bismark. It’s big. Almost stuffed after three slices. *burp*

Then we had the whole salt baked seabass. The reason why I wanted to bring TC here, he loves salt baked fish. I had a few mouthfuls then cannot already. 😂

But it’s really fresh and juicy. Highly recommend this. Even those we had in Thailand is not as juicy as this.