real thai . japan rail cafe

Real Thai.

I ordered the green curry with rice set.

Curry was more sweet than what I’m used to and it was diluted.


Since lunch wasn’t satisfying, we went for desserts at Japan Rail Cafe. The menu comes in a newspaper form with articles about travels in Japan and it changes every month.

I had the brown sugar soy bean powder latte. It was good but too sweet.

Mmm… favorite!

express by chatterbox . omotesando koffee

Chicken rice at Express by Chatterbox.
I can’t remember if I had the expensive chicken rice at Chatterbox before but if it’s anything like this one I had today. Then it’s not worth going.

$8.50 for the meal below.

Rice was not fragrant, even I can cook rice that’s more fragrant than this. Although the chicken is succulent, it feel likes there are much more succulent ones outside for a much lower price like Jew Kit which I recently went. I won’t be back.


Also checked Omotesando Koffee off my list. I ordered whatever that looks nice on the menu, the Iced Mochaccino, $8.

Staff will ask if you will be alright with the dollop of cork-sized whip cream. I don’t know how I should react. Should I refuse because it is fattening? 🤔

[Update] I have no idea how it looks like and there are no pictures on the menu. My drink should look like this which is their signature but… I was given another drink instead. *Service fail liao*

No idea what this drink is. I don’t think it’s worth $8, even my colleague who did get the Iced Mochaccino thinks so too. No, don’t spend the money just for instagram too.


Found a nice little wooden bench to add inside the house but freaked out when I saw the price. $159. 😱

Taobao is my best friend.



the problem with agoda . ippudo . dimbulah

My Mum called all the way from Taiwan telling me that her hotel room was not confirmed because they could not process the payment even though the booking was done via Agoda. If payment did not go through (I have confirmed that the payment was not made), then why did I still receive the confirmation? Omgawd!

Shock! My Mum is alone in Taipei and she doesn’t have a credit card. What if she gets stranded there?

So what I found out is that Agoda does not charge us directly, our credit cards details will be sent to the hotels for them to charge us. Another surprise, which means that if Agoda’s security breach, our cards details will be leaked?

I submitted details of my AMEX card but hotel does not accept AMEX, so why allow the AMEX function? In the end, I have to give another card details through my Mum’s phone.

Called Agoda at 1pm and they have not updated me since. What kind of service is this? Luckily, I still managed to settle it.


Agoda killed my mood when having Ippudo ramen. Taste so-so, definitely not worth my $22 excluding taxes.


Dimbulah is not bad. At least I’m not having a sore throat. Haha.


japan day 7 – osaka . todai-ji . shunie

Prepared noodles as breakfast, we shared a big cup which I think it’s just nice for both of us.

Bought Nissin’s new nugget and fries cup noodles. Looks interesting. The little pieces of meat really taste like nugget, whereas the fries… hmm… not so much. It’s like Jagabee potato sticks in soup. Nothing amazing about it, soup is just normal chicken soup.

The strawberries we bought the last time was sweeter. This has the sour note.

My favourite chocolate cake from Family Mart!

Out shopping and TC wants to get a Cremia to try, I had a little bit, it was soooooooo milky. I cannot.

So I got a chocolate waffle to wash down the milky taste.

Shopping got crazy when we were at Muji. Everything is so much cheaper than Singapore! some of them are even like 40% lesser because got sales. We bought things like cutlery, flooring mop, portable diffuser… Click here to see what other interesting Muji items that you can only get in Japan.

So we had to travel all the way back to our Airbnb to drop the stuffs, wouldn’t want to be carrying the bags around Nara.


Dropped by Coffee House Abuki for some food.

Fluffy egg & ham sandwiches, honey toasts and coffee. Simple fare but sooooo good.


Heading to Todai-ji Temple!

Pick acorns and see deers.

Enjoy the scenery.

Almost there!

Shunie is not at the main temple. We have to travel up to another site.

I guess these will be the bamboos that the monks will be using for Shunie later.

Always arrive early to get a good view! Shunie starts exactly at 7pm, so it will be good to reach at least an hour earlier.

Remember to prep some food and drinks too, just in case.

The crowd.

Oh. Let me give some background information first.

Shunie, a series of events held annually from March 1 to 14 at Todaiji Temple. This collection of Buddhist repentance rituals has been held every year for over 1250 years, making it one of the oldest reoccurring Buddhist events in Japan.

Omizutori is performed at Nigatsudo Hall, a sub-complex of Todaiji, which stands not far from the temple’s main hall on the slope of a hill. Nigatsudo literally means “second month hall”, referring to the second month of the lunar calendar, when Omizutori has traditionally been held. The second month of the lunar calendar roughly corresponds to March of the solar calendar.”

You can find more information here.


The fireworks is so awesome, ‘wow’ every single time.

It has been a good day.


Onigiri to fill us up a bit before dinner.

Although they are salmon cooked in different styles but very salty.


Beef don at Sukiya!

mini moon at bangkok – day 1 . cape house . pla thong mookata . starbucks community store

Waiting for the plane now. It got delayed.


Eeee… kenna Tiger’s plane.



We were so hungry after the plane landed, went to 7-eleven right after we got our SIM card. The pad see yew was delicious, even TC says he wants to buy a few packs back. Hahaha.


Look what I found. New flavour! Nom nom. 😋




Oh look. The mall near our hotel has Harrods, I wanna go there and eat desserts.



Our hotel is Cape House Serviced Apartments.


This is where we will be having our breakfast tomorrow!


Damn. They have mailboxes here too??? 😍


We got a free upgrade! Yay! Better room! And omg… the apartment is gorgeous and it comes with a mini kitchen and washing machine. There’s a complimentary teddy bear for us to bring home too!








Time for dinner!

It’s Pla Thong Mookata! Saw the review here. Website says 169 baht per pax but it’s 189 baht per pax now, excluding drinks.

Pla Thong Mookata
Phaya Thai Road
Bangkok 10400, Thailand
Tel: +66 84 354 8282
Opening hours: 4.00pm to 12.00am daily

The place is pretty big. They call it ‘pubfae’ by the way. The variety is quite good with a huge selection of meats too.






Will I have a lot of concepts after drinking this? 🤣



Starbucks – Community Store

This Starbucks here supports paying back to the community by giving part of their proceeds to charity and free used coffee grounds for the community to bring home to use as fertilizers.

The ambience here is really really good too. I’m so happy that our hotel is just a few mins walk away.










We tried the Acai mixed berries drink, it was lovely.



This new sweet chilli flavoured Lays is awesome!


craftsmen specialty coffee

Cafe Saturday at Craftsmen Specialty Coffee.

Yay! Cakes! Had bak zhang before leaving house, still very full so no mains for me.

Chai soy latte. A little too sweet.

Chocolate pistachio cake. Nom nom. The texture like carrot cake, so it’s good.


New year new Nike shoes from TC! 😆


First time see blue Ferrari.


Our last cup of Gong Cha before all the outlets turn into LiHo.


Eat more cakes!

woon woon pek beehoon . chock full of beans

White bee hoon at Changi Village with Sarah and Ah Long!

The one very clayfish tastes better.

Had lots of chicken wings too!


Then we chill.

With a slice of chocolate cake.

Hahaha! How the person know he like fortune cats one?

中头奖. 😂😂😂

Xiao bai so cute!


Went to see our future place! And we managed to sneak in without getting caught. 😁

The one view which people in the fb group will never post because they only see from the outside.

sunday market . hipvan . matchaya

Yay! 出门咯!


Sunday Market has pretty hanging plants. Me like! Place is very quiet to chill, there’s probably only two other couples inside.


The CCP.
Chocolate chip pancakes with lots of berries and vanilla ice-cream. I must say it’s pretty good.

Sir-duck-tive. Slow-cooked duck is tender and pulls apart easily. 👍

Pretty sky.

And I love quiet roads.


Go Hipvan look see look see. I like this sofa with the colourful buttons, too bad it’s a little squeaky.


Dessert time at Matchaya!

First time having warm Warabi Mochi. Lol. The Matcha soft serve a bit too milky for me.