kuro maguro

Lunch at Kuro Maguro because colleague loves the maguro here.

I feel that their serving of Chirashi-don is quite small, just look like the small heap of raw fish. NNot bad but I had better.


Left work early because menses is giving me a difficult time. Too painful. Better get home before I get too dizzy too. Probably bought too much snacks too.

Made red date tea to replenish some nutrients.

Nutritional Value of Red Date Tea
1. Maintains blood flow
It helps to maintain the strong flow of blood inside the arteries, therefore optimizing the blood flow.

2. Liver detoxification
Consuming red date tea can increase the body’s serum protein levels, best for protecting the liver and detoxifying the body.

3. Soothes the nerves to help sleep
This tea will help to alleviate stress, it is good to manage insomnia and results in better sleep. It can bring a pleasant feeling and minimize dizziness.

4. Eases sunspots or freckles
It is good to have the tea every afternoon. Reduces freckles, bringing a healthy skin appearance in the face and body.

5. Maintains youthfulness
Since it is a good anti-oxidant, it will help to maintain the youthfulness by reducing the appearance of early wrinkles in the face.

6. Soothes the stomach
It is good to soothe the heartburn and ease the stomach pain. Furthermore, it helps to prevent intestinal problems and maintain a good digestive metabolism.

7. Protects the throat
Consuming the tea can soothe the inflammation and aid in the treatment of a dry throat.

8. Tonifying Blood
If spleen and stomach are weakened it might affect blood supply and lead to blood deficiency. Some people believe that the tea can tonify the blood and help to avoid fatigue syndrome.

9. Reduce Cholesterol
Consuming the tea also good to maintain cardiovascular health, it helps to lower down bad cholesterol in the blood flow. Therefore, it can avoid the possibility of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke or heart attack.

10. To prevent cancer
The tea also benefits as lowers the risk of cancer. It slows down nutrient absorption of cancer cells and replaces with good cells in the body.


TC pan-fried salmon! Not bad leh, it’s nicely cooked, still pink and tender in the middle.

And a soup from Soup Spoon.


kuro maguro

Today we’re having lunch at Kuro Maguro because colleague is craving for it. Two expensive lunches in a row… poor die me.

Not a fan of tuna, and I’m trying to get something that’s from the lower price range, decided to get the mini bowl, choose 3 items for $22.80. Like that I can try a bit of everything!

Woohoo! Looks so happy!

Mini barachirashi. I think it’s alright, nothing amazing.

Mini Salmon & Toro Aburi Meshi. Really not a fan of tuna, even though I really want to enjoy it like how other people do.

Mini Salmon Terimayo Aburi Meshi. Not bad but not amazing.

OK, so if you have the J Passport app, you can claim a piece of fatty otoro sashimi with the e-coupon.


district sushi

Bara chirashi don at District Sushi. Same kind of food as last night. Lol. But this is better.
Most importantly, it’s only $10. Quite a generous serving. This is the very reason why I don’t know why people go Teppei Syokudo which is so pricey for a miserable serving.

Seafood is very fresh! Thumbs up!

sushiro . old school delights

Shared this for lunch.

Plus a pancake…

And a chocolate cake. This is seriously good.

Starting to wonder whether is it due to the increase intake of starch and sugar that’s causing the consistent headaches.


At Sushiro for Mother’s day dinner!!! Must find reason to make them come out for good and affordable food.


Moved to Old School Delights and shared chicken wings, chendol, chocolate teh cino…

And the awesome warm banana cake with chocolate fudge. Too long never come, now I feel that this sweet for me.

taiwan day 2 – taipei . wufenpu . zhu di fresh fish . shilin night market

Why so expensiveeeeee? Haiz. I shall eat make and eat normal cakes for now.


I’m so lagging in updates right now. Too much photos because of Everland and I was too tired as the bed in Seoul wasn’t comfortable. But no worries, I’ll try to catch up. Sort of. Cause the bed in Taipei now is pretty good and I finally have flat pillow! Say bye bye to neck pains! (Although still pain la because of previous hotels)

I’ll just keep posting photos first, add my comments after that when I have more time. 👌


Breakfast again! 😂

Although the spread here is quite good but quality wise… Japan is better. Lol. This french toast is overfried until dry and tough. (My poor ulcer.)

Must eat lots of veggies and they have sunny-side-up!

Awesome ru rou fan. Omg… looks at those yummy pieces of fats.

Even tofu also nice.

Awesome duck egg.

Nice but my ulcer too painful to appreciate.

Truly generous tau huey! 😋


Wu Fen Pu
The thing about this place is that the clothes are cheap but also risky. Although I did try to filter the clothes that could fit me but when I go back to the hotel to try… confirm still will have problems. End up still need to alter. Sian. 😧 Like waste money right… might as well pay a bit more to get something better.

But I did buy my pair of rose gold sneakers here! Not cheap though, pretty can le.


I really need to do something about that ulcer. Very desperate.

Shun bian buy my eyeliners. Very cheap okay! So must stock up. I don’t know when TC will be coming again for work.


Zhu Di Fresh Fish (築地鮮魚)
TC says the chirasi don here is cheap and good and it’s very near our hotel.

Looks legit. Lol.

Free flow soup and tea!

Look at mine. There’s so many things inside. 😲 I think the fish not super duper fresh because got a bit fishy smell but really better than nothing. There’s no way I can keep flying to Tsukiji Market just to eat this.




Shilin Night Market
Other than Shida Night Market, this place ranks second. Maybe because we used to stay beside here. Clothes bought here can be pretty cheap and good too. I bought 3 dresses here and they all fit well!


I like sausage in glutinous rice but my ulcer is begging me to stop. 😭 Stupid ulcer, I hate you.