hotcakes . herbal chicken soup

I don’t know why, I have been having this McDonald’s hotcakes craving for like 2 weeks already. Getting the craving satisfied today.

Syrup on the hotcakes and stack them on top of each other, slice them like a cake. Mmmm…


Ingredients for dinner tonight.

Omg. It was so good, TC cleared everything and he was also thinking about making it again himself. LOL


New outfit for my special day is here!

u.f.o japanese sauce fried ramen . ser seng herbs restaurant

A very rushed lunch, as I have to run off to receive some deliveries at the new place.


Simple dinner, since I am lazy to go out and get food. This tastes like Indomie, where got Japanese flavour? I feel cheated.


TC packed black chicken soup over from Ser Seng Herbs Restaurant, soup is very sweet due to the herbs and I like the chilli with a balanced sour kick from white vinegar.

random musings

The chye peng at the neighbourhood near our place is quite good. Not bad at all.


I used the new pressure cooker to make some chicken soup and it was good. Tasted like I have boiled it for 2 hours, even though it was only 20 mins.

Got a pack of these fish balls, these are yucky. Don’t get them.

Simple macaroni chicken soup ready for dinner.

seng kee black herbal chicken soup

Blow my nose too much. I think it’s falling off.

Is it I suay? When it’s my queue number next, the doctors have to take a break. 😧


Waiting for dinner from Seng Kee now. 😋

Chao ta bee hoon! Taste nice but dry. It need to be dry in order to be chao ta. Oh well, I had to add some soup in if not it will bd too dry for my throat.

Black chicken soup is very nice! Thanks to TC for the ❤ food delivery!

I prepared chin chow with honey drink. 👍 Too full now. I dunno is I drowsy or food coma. 😅