koh grill & sushi bar . paris baguette

The chye peng stall near office is really generous with their servings, enough for 2 small eaters like me to share.


Already at the age or period of time where no new food places interest me, so I choose to have dinner at Koh Grill & Sushi Bar for my birthday celebration.

First time had the century egg tofu, I’m surprised that it’s actually good because I’m not a fan of century egg. The rest are just the usual must-haves.


This Paris Baguette cake is just mousse. LOL.

child to cherish

TC bought me a piggy bank as my birthday present because I have been looking for old-school plastic piggy banks. Hahahaha! Now we have couple piggies, since he got one for himself too.


Oh, I’m on medical leave because of my corneal abrasion, it’s still very painful.
Prepared a quick lunch.

Found this grilled corn at Ang Mo Supermart.


Had dinner with parents at Sushi Express and chose my own cakes again from Pine Garden; Gula Melaka Attap Chee and Triple Layer Chocolate. Attap Chee will be nice if the gula melaka was crunchy.


Some colleagues are leaving soon and we’re having their farewell at Rookery.

I ordered one of the lunch sets and it comes with a soup of the day; cream of mushroom.

Tadaa! The glorious Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict. I like that they over season it will BBQ sauce, so I could still taste the natural flavour of pork. Tender and moist.

Very filling compared to the other lunch sets, I will very full after having just one.


Colleagues prepared birthday surprises too. LOL. Two of us here will be celebrating out birthdays soon.

Awkward moment when the waiter asked me to choose one. I asked, “Which one does not have cheese?” Oops. Both has cheese. Ha ha ha.


The best team.


Tea break. Genmaicha latte.

takashimaya food stalls . mala xiang guo . ps cafe

Flower shop under the stairs. 😍

Grabbed some food from the food stalls in Takashimaya. This mini oink oink burger looks interesting; lechon with fresh vegetables and many sauces in pita bread.

It’s a very wet and messy burger, very salty and peppery. Even though it’s $2.50, I don’t think it’s worthed it.

Got this huge kakiage aka fried vegetables.

Think I have gotten this before and I forgot that this is quite oily to have. Alright during the first few mouthfuls but it feels like oil is oozing out at the later half. 😣

Introducing Sarah and Nic to the world of mala xiang guo. 😋 There are 2 bowls. Hahahaha!

Ps. Cafe for desserts.

The carrots cake is sooooooo good, soft and moist. Legit has a lot of carrots inside and the cream cheese at the top is not dry.

Double chocolate blackout cake.

hafudog . i light . old school delights

Hafudog. Walked pass the shop quite a few times and it looks enticing.

Ordered a few different items to share with Ansel, so that we could try a bit of everything. Top-up another $4 for regular fries or salad and a drink.

Soyo Japanese

Torched cheese west-coast

When you have both hotdogs to compare side by side, torched cheese tastes stronger in flavour due to the cheese whereas soyo is lighter. It’s a good thing we shared because torched cheese may get a little jelak. Kurobuta pork sausage is juicier, while farmhouse chicken sausage has lots of herbs and spices which may also be the reason why torched cheese is more flavourful. Thick-cut fries are crispy and soft inside.

I would recommend people to come visit. 👍


Had the Taiwan style hotdog in glutinous rice which Mum brought back from Taiwan last night, so much hotdogs within 24 hours. 🤣


Visited the i Light exhibits today, here are a few pictures and videos that I took. I think it’s much better than last year. It’s worth taking a look, so do head down before it ends on 1st April.


Old School Delights has a new branch at Esplanade mall. I was really hungry already and didn’t really want to travel further for food.

Opted for the chicken macaroni soup because I rather waste my available calories on dessert.

My must-have warm chocolate banana fudge cake, never fails me. So so moist and comforting.


Really pretty and cute display at Esplanade.

japan day 7 – osaka . todai-ji . shunie

Prepared noodles as breakfast, we shared a big cup which I think it’s just nice for both of us.

Bought Nissin’s new nugget and fries cup noodles. Looks interesting. The little pieces of meat really taste like nugget, whereas the fries… hmm… not so much. It’s like Jagabee potato sticks in soup. Nothing amazing about it, soup is just normal chicken soup.

The strawberries we bought the last time was sweeter. This has the sour note.

My favourite chocolate cake from Family Mart!

Out shopping and TC wants to get a Cremia to try, I had a little bit, it was soooooooo milky. I cannot.

So I got a chocolate waffle to wash down the milky taste.

Shopping got crazy when we were at Muji. Everything is so much cheaper than Singapore! some of them are even like 40% lesser because got sales. We bought things like cutlery, flooring mop, portable diffuser… Click here to see what other interesting Muji items that you can only get in Japan.

So we had to travel all the way back to our Airbnb to drop the stuffs, wouldn’t want to be carrying the bags around Nara.


Dropped by Coffee House Abuki for some food.

Fluffy egg & ham sandwiches, honey toasts and coffee. Simple fare but sooooo good.


Heading to Todai-ji Temple!

Pick acorns and see deers.

Enjoy the scenery.

Almost there!

Shunie is not at the main temple. We have to travel up to another site.

I guess these will be the bamboos that the monks will be using for Shunie later.

Always arrive early to get a good view! Shunie starts exactly at 7pm, so it will be good to reach at least an hour earlier.

Remember to prep some food and drinks too, just in case.

The crowd.

Oh. Let me give some background information first.

Shunie, a series of events held annually from March 1 to 14 at Todaiji Temple. This collection of Buddhist repentance rituals has been held every year for over 1250 years, making it one of the oldest reoccurring Buddhist events in Japan.

Omizutori is performed at Nigatsudo Hall, a sub-complex of Todaiji, which stands not far from the temple’s main hall on the slope of a hill. Nigatsudo literally means “second month hall”, referring to the second month of the lunar calendar, when Omizutori has traditionally been held. The second month of the lunar calendar roughly corresponds to March of the solar calendar.”

You can find more information here.


The fireworks is so awesome, ‘wow’ every single time.

It has been a good day.


Onigiri to fill us up a bit before dinner.

Although they are salmon cooked in different styles but very salty.


Beef don at Sukiya!

kabe no ana . mad jack cafe

I got a new friend! 😁 TC got this for me while he was in HK. ❤


Very long never visit Kabe No Ana already.

Just aim the Mentaiko!

TC is having the Mentaiko Carbonara.

While I had the Salmon Avocado. 😋

Don’t forget the Mentaiko Mayo Toast! Must have!


We had cakes at Mad Jack Cafe. These are quite moist and delicious. Surprised that their cakes is actually quite good.


I stepped in Miniso to buy socks, don’t have what I wanted.
Came out with this bag instead. So cute! $5.90 only. How to not buy???

snacks to buy from bangkok

Koh-Kae’s tom yam cashew nuts. These may be quite difficult to find as people usually buy in bulk if they see them, somebody like me. 😁


My mum loves this but I haven’t tried it before. A bit waste luggage space because it’s 2/3 air. I should just bring an air tight container next time and pack everything in.


Lay’s! This new flavour is really good!


Siam Bananas. I prefer those individually packed bananas from 7-eleven. Quite difficult to find too, the whole shelf will be empty in the evening.  (*Do take note of the expiry date.)


These for quick yummy meals; basil meat stir-fry & Thai spicy salad mix


Thai milk tea, although not as good as those freshly made from the stores but better than nothing.



My happy buy!

Saw this in the Starbucks store and I really wanted it. Got my friends and sister to help check the prices and stock availability but… it was out of stock since 2 weeks ago and they are not going to bring in new stocks. 😩

It’s $15 more expensive than Singapore. Bo bian la. Even if we manage to buy from ebay, the shipping is not going to be cheap too.

Most stores in Bangkok only have the thermal bottle and tumbler. Coffee Press is out of stock. Lucky the Starbucks near my hotel is quite out of the way. 🤗



Back to reality

Good thing that I took leave today too. If not I’m going to have very bad post-holiday syndrome.


Woke up at 12pm. ✌ Lunch is chicken rice, drenched with dark soy sauce and ginger sauce.


Woohoo! Mama packed fish head curry from Johore Bahru and we’re having it together with chee cheong fun. 😋


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mini moon at bangkok – day 2 . hoi-tod chaw lae . petite audrey . som tam nua

Breakfast at the hotel

The spread is quite alright with some Jap dishes.


Quite a range of breads, pastries and cheese.



What I had.



Back for the Or-Ror aka Oyster Omelette

A little shop selling just six dishes but I’m only back for two of them because I had the same dishes last time; the awesome phad thai and crispy oyster egg. 😍




Ahhhh. Om nom nom.



Petite Audrey

Time for desserts after our meal, I’ve wanted to try Audrey’s cafe for a long time and luckily there’s one in Siam Center.


Selfie while waiting.


Our spread. 😋 *drool*


I wanted chocolate cakes, the nutella cake I first ordered was not available. Changed it to Dark chocolate fudge, also don’t have. So fated la… I changed to the Milo sizzling roti instead.

Oh god. Thank you fate! Hahahhaa. This is awesome. It’s crispy roti prata at the bottom with cookies and cream ice cream, topped with marshmallows and milo bites with milo sauce. There’s this very nice burnt caramel fragrance, almost like creme brulee. Damn good. 😍


Their popular Thai milk tea crepe cake is like pale in comparison liao. 🤣 Still good if you don’t want something overly sweet and it’s kind of refreshing.


Told TC that I’m getting the Butterfly Pea with Lemon.
👦Butterfly pee??? You drink their pee?
👧… 😐

Drink is served.
👧Butterfly pee is sour. I think they get nectar from lemon trees.



Woot! There a little night market beside Siam Square One.



I walked so much today, I think my feet is dying.

Yes la~ Shop very fast because I was very selective this time round. Shopped mostly at first and second level of Platinium Mall.

Wanted to go Let’s Relax for massage but all fully booked today because it’s Mother’s day over here. 😑 My tian.

We did manage to book for tomorrow.


Dinner at Som Tam Nua. This is actually my first time at this restaurant, the queue was quite long even though we were quite late.
Pork shoulder was good.


Fried chicken is very fragrant, crispy and juicy. Yums.


I wasted the glass noodle salad because too spicy. Spoil my taste buds.


Hmmm… interesting. They put cinnamon in honey lemon.



8 pieces of new clothing. All at 200 or 300 baht. Most importantly, I can fit in all of them. Yay!!! I even thinking about going back to get same design, other colours. 😂


Ahh. My feet.

Look at the number of steps, highest record so far. 20000+



mini moon at bangkok – day 1 . cape house . pla thong mookata . starbucks community store

Waiting for the plane now. It got delayed.


Eeee… kenna Tiger’s plane.



We were so hungry after the plane landed, went to 7-eleven right after we got our SIM card. The pad see yew was delicious, even TC says he wants to buy a few packs back. Hahaha.


Look what I found. New flavour! Nom nom. 😋




Oh look. The mall near our hotel has Harrods, I wanna go there and eat desserts.



Our hotel is Cape House Serviced Apartments.


This is where we will be having our breakfast tomorrow!


Damn. They have mailboxes here too??? 😍


We got a free upgrade! Yay! Better room! And omg… the apartment is gorgeous and it comes with a mini kitchen and washing machine. There’s a complimentary teddy bear for us to bring home too!








Time for dinner!

It’s Pla Thong Mookata! Saw the review here. Website says 169 baht per pax but it’s 189 baht per pax now, excluding drinks.

Pla Thong Mookata
Phaya Thai Road
Bangkok 10400, Thailand
Tel: +66 84 354 8282
Opening hours: 4.00pm to 12.00am daily

The place is pretty big. They call it ‘pubfae’ by the way. The variety is quite good with a huge selection of meats too.






Will I have a lot of concepts after drinking this? 🤣



Starbucks – Community Store

This Starbucks here supports paying back to the community by giving part of their proceeds to charity and free used coffee grounds for the community to bring home to use as fertilizers.

The ambience here is really really good too. I’m so happy that our hotel is just a few mins walk away.










We tried the Acai mixed berries drink, it was lovely.



This new sweet chilli flavoured Lays is awesome!