bangkok day 2 – chatuchak . featherstone cafe bistro

Starting the day with a Cha Tra Mue milk tea before we start our shopping at Chatuchak.


My must-have grilled pork and fried chicken.


One of the best buys at Chatuchak, I customised a tote bag for myself! There’s also t-shirts, mugs and caps.



Lunch at the market outside Centralworld.


Did so much shopping.


Legs are dying.



Tea break at McDonald’s, trying their new spring roll pie. Really is just spring roll with a different ‘crust’.



Dropped our bags at the hotel and out we go for dinner at Featherstone Cafe. Going to meet the guys who arrived in Bangkok today.

It’s a very beautiful place.


The menu.


Took a look around the whole cafe while we are waiting for the food to come.


There’s an area spelling trinkets, healing stones and hats.


Look at the drink! This is Wild Gardenia, got this because of the colourful ice cubes. I feel like Alice in Wonderland.


The ladies shared a Vongole and a Bacon & Egg Pizza.


Food was good overall but the braised beef cheek which was from their new menu wasn’t, so that was a risk.

bangkok day 1 – greyhound cafe . pla thong mookata

Too early.

First time we had to take the airport shuttle to board out planes.



Once we have left our luggage at the hotel, we went to get some snacks at 7-eleven, as the Greyhound Cafe at Siam Center isn’t opened yet. Yes, we arrived Bangkok very early.

Decor in Greyhound Cafe was beautiful. Loved the greens.


The food wasn’t as good as we expected though. Beef was chewy tough and pork was a little tad dry. Drinks was alright but I wouldn’t go back for just the drinks if the food wasn’t good.



First purchase of the day! A tiger eye crystal bracelet.



Massage done.



Then it was dinner at Pla Thong Mookata. It was the girl’s first time having mookata in Bangkok.



Starbucks Reserve at Central World.



Finally got to see our hotel room at the end of the day.


Although the toilet looks like it was build to be shared. One side toilet, the other side shower but there’s only one door which slides to whichever side that was in use. *face palm* Door was quite translucent too, can see shape and colour, so we can’t even use the basin while somebody is showering or pooping or peeing.

real thai . japan rail cafe

Real Thai.

I ordered the green curry with rice set.

Curry was more sweet than what I’m used to and it was diluted.


Since lunch wasn’t satisfying, we went for desserts at Japan Rail Cafe. The menu comes in a newspaper form with articles about travels in Japan and it changes every month.

I had the brown sugar soy bean powder latte. It was good but too sweet.

Mmm… favorite!

express by chatterbox . omotesando koffee

Chicken rice at Express by Chatterbox.
I can’t remember if I had the expensive chicken rice at Chatterbox before but if it’s anything like this one I had today. Then it’s not worth going.

$8.50 for the meal below.

Rice was not fragrant, even I can cook rice that’s more fragrant than this. Although the chicken is succulent, it feel likes there are much more succulent ones outside for a much lower price like Jew Kit which I recently went. I won’t be back.


Also checked Omotesando Koffee off my list. I ordered whatever that looks nice on the menu, the Iced Mochaccino, $8.

Staff will ask if you will be alright with the dollop of cork-sized whip cream. I don’t know how I should react. Should I refuse because it is fattening? πŸ€”

[Update] I have no idea how it looks like and there are no pictures on the menu. My drink should look like this which is their signature but… I was given another drink instead. *Service fail liao*

No idea what this drink is. I don’t think it’s worth $8, even my colleague who did get the Iced Mochaccino thinks so too. No, don’t spend the money just for instagram too.


Found a nice little wooden bench to add inside the house but freaked out when I saw the price. $159. 😱

Taobao is my best friend.



miffy cafe . symmetry

I was here, couldn’t get in and looks like the people inside are not going to leave anytime soon. Got to change venue if not we won’t be in time to get back to office. 😣


Ended up at Symmetry instead and it’s my first time here. Food, please come soon.


Well, here’s a proper coloured version.
The skin if the sausage was hard, I couldn’t cut through. Other than that, the rest was tasted good. Loved the truffle scrambled eggs. πŸ‘Œ

thus coffee . the plain jane . woon woon seafood white bee hoon

Very mint today.


Here for brunch with friends!

I wouldn’t mind taking the counter seats if we were here alone.

Love those dried flowers.

Menu. Not a lot to choose from but I think the choices are good enough.

Latte was good. Thick aka gao.πŸ‘ Just a little bitter for me though.

We had Baked eggs, loved it. Some people may find it too sour.

And the breakfast! Bacon not fried until crispy, so it’s good. I hate crispy bacon. I usually hate baked beans but theirs is yums. Too much butter on the muffin, so it’s yucks for me.

Omg. Can I do this at my the doorstep of my house?


I always think The Plain Jane is around Chomp Chomp’s area but it’s not even near. 🀣

This place is soooooo pretty! ❀ Flowers makes the day better.

So many choices but tummy not much space left.

Lychee Konnyaku tea.

Mango and Passionfruit Meringue Swiss Roll.

Brown sugar jelly. I like the jelly inside!

Original in front, and pumpkin spiced with chocolate chip at the back.


Woon Woon Seafood White Bee Hoon!

Oyster egg to share.

The heat melted my dessert in 5 mins. πŸ˜₯


Did some praying at Tua Pek Gong temple.

$3 for a pack.

mala xiang guo at cineleisure . antoinette . audace shampoo and hair tonic

Colleague says the mala at Cineleisure’s foodcourt is very good and so we are here!

Each of us gets a soup and it’s legit good.

Huge bowl! Apparently they deep fry some of the ingredients before frying. Like the luncheon meat, fish and potato. Potato was very goooood, we should have gotten more.


Went to nua at Antoinette. It was a good break from reality, until we didnt want to go back to office.


Me and my dandruff problems. Remember the Phyto serum with I got? It didn’t really work.

Yday, I saw this, got the original version. It was on 20% off at Guardian. Tried it and feel that it worked. So I got another bottle today because I left the bottle at TC’s house. Original is sold out, and I also got the hair tonic which I will put on after my hair is dry.

The flakes detached themselves from my scalp this morning and I just had to comb them out. I don’t see new flakes throughout the day.


Shared some dim sum with Mum.


Testing a Polaroid app on my phone. 😁

craftsmen specialty coffee

Cafe Saturday at Craftsmen Specialty Coffee.

Yay! Cakes! Had bak zhang before leaving house, still very full so no mains for me.

Chai soy latte. A little too sweet.

Chocolate pistachio cake. Nom nom. The texture like carrot cake, so it’s good.


New year new Nike shoes from TC! πŸ˜†


First time see blue Ferrari.


Our last cup of Gong Cha before all the outlets turn into LiHo.


Eat more cakes!

woon woon pek beehoon . chock full of beans

White bee hoon at Changi Village with Sarah and Ah Long!

The one very clayfish tastes better.

Had lots of chicken wings too!


Then we chill.

With a slice of chocolate cake.

Hahaha! How the person know he like fortune cats one?

中倴ε₯–. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Xiao bai so cute!


Went to see our future place! And we managed to sneak in without getting caught. 😁

The one view which people in the fb group will never post because they only see from the outside.