japan hokkaido, day 2 – airport . hakodate . lucky pierrot

Friends are coming over today, so we have to go meet them from the airport, collect the car and head to Hakodate.

We had initially planned to have breakfast at the McDonald’s opposite our hotel but we were too tired and overslept. Needed to get out by 9.40am to catch the last free shuttle provided by the hotel to the airport.

It’s going to be a rainy day.

Took the shuttle.

Cute plushies displayed around the airport.

Decided to have breakfast in MMC Organic Cafe.

No-cream carbonara which tastes better with each bite. There was a bottle of grated parmesan to add if you like but I prefer mine cheeseless.

Honey toast was heavenly, sweet with salty butter and a good tinge of vanilla flavour from the ice cream. Mmm…


Friends are here!

Friends had lunch while we went to Royce Chocolate World.

Chocolate bar bun. πŸ˜…

Bought some pralines for myself, this is only available in Hokkaido. Dark chocolate but it’s still very sweet.


Collecting our rented car.

Then we had to take the shuttle bus…

To their main car holding area.

Our car for 11 days.

On the road!

Pictures don’t do any justice to the scenery.

Jigokudani aka Hell Valley.

Cute little shop.

Hell Valley is beautiful. Good thing we arrived while the sun is setting too.

Clear water mixing with murky water.

Even demons to represent genders at the toilet.


Chicken cutlet sandwich as a tea break snack. Yums.

Pit stop. Food stations close at 6pm. πŸ˜…


First thing we do right after reaching Hakodate is to have dinner at Lucky Pierrot. It’s only available in Hokkaido.

Wacky decor and also snacks sold.

Menu. Chinese chicken is number 1.

Wow. The chicken is well-flavoured, tender and juicy. Thumbs up, will recommend.


It was really quiet.


miffy cafe . symmetry

I was here, couldn’t get in and looks like the people inside are not going to leave anytime soon. Got to change venue if not we won’t be in time to get back to office. 😣


Ended up at Symmetry instead and it’s my first time here. Food, please come soon.


Well, here’s a proper coloured version.
The skin if the sausage was hard, I couldn’t cut through. Other than that, the rest was tasted good. Loved the truffle scrambled eggs. πŸ‘Œ

thus coffee . the plain jane . woon woon seafood white bee hoon

Very mint today.


Here for brunch with friends!

I wouldn’t mind taking the counter seats if we were here alone.

Love those dried flowers.

Menu. Not a lot to choose from but I think the choices are good enough.

Latte was good. Thick aka gao.πŸ‘ Just a little bitter for me though.

We had Baked eggs, loved it. Some people may find it too sour.

And the breakfast! Bacon not fried until crispy, so it’s good. I hate crispy bacon. I usually hate baked beans but theirs is yums. Too much butter on the muffin, so it’s yucks for me.

Omg. Can I do this at my the doorstep of my house?


I always think The Plain Jane is around Chomp Chomp’s area but it’s not even near. 🀣

This place is soooooo pretty! ❀ Flowers makes the day better.

So many choices but tummy not much space left.

Lychee Konnyaku tea.

Mango and Passionfruit Meringue Swiss Roll.

Brown sugar jelly. I like the jelly inside!

Original in front, and pumpkin spiced with chocolate chip at the back.


Woon Woon Seafood White Bee Hoon!

Oyster egg to share.

The heat melted my dessert in 5 mins. πŸ˜₯


Did some praying at Tua Pek Gong temple.

$3 for a pack.

seventh anniversary . etch&bolts . hawker chan

Making brunch!

Tadaa!Β The apple baked ham was really good, it was on offer. $1.75 for 100g.
Also made a huge pancake because I was sick of frying the pancakes one by one. Put some oranges over so it could be a dessert but we were too full by then. Mission fail.


Where we went today.

The things are quite pretty.

Got cats too!


First time tried the Michelin rated soy sauce chicken at Hawker Chan. The chicken and very tender and juicy! Maybe can buy the whole chicken back home to share.

south union park . arcade . xo fish bee hoon . note 8

Brunch with the gang at South Union Park.

But we didn’t get any of their breakfast because it’s just not enticing. So we sat there and waited until their lunch hour starts. I didn’t get any of the lunch mains too because the starters looks more interesting to me.

Ordered the poutine. Fries with duck sauce and cheese. I love those at the bottom when they’re all soaked up with the sauce. πŸ˜‹

Scorched egg looks very pretty but I was quite disappointed. It should not be Thai-fusioned. Made it taste sour. Disgusted.

TC had the chicken leg which was quite good. He cleared the plate.

$22 cheeseburger. Juicy because I can see the juice dipping from it.

“Hello!” to the guy who wants me to take a picture of him with his burger.

Tiramisu is thick and creamy, not too sweet, got alcohol. πŸ‘

Lemon tart was just alright.


We played at the arcade.

There was this Dark Escape game which was really fun, we have to shoot zombies or monsters in there. The seat will vibrate when the zombies suddenly appear or there will be a gust of wind. There’s even a heart rate monitor to see how panicky you are.

But ah. I think Sarah made the whole experience very fun because she was just screaming at every single thing. Every time she scream, I laughed. I feel I should be scared but I just kept laughing. She lessened my fear a whole lot. Hahaha.

Very bad leh. I build my laughter over her fears.
But really damn funny la. Hahahahhaha! Even though my heart rate was up like 130 beats but I was laughing leh. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Too ‘chek ark’. 😳


Sarah wanted to get a plant for her office. We went back to the old office where we used to work together and took a picture. Hahahaha! Even spent time to chit chat with ex-colleagues. Nostalgic la. But no. I won’t be back.


Dinner was XO fish bee hoon, prawn paste chicken and… The salted egg pork ribs quite good leh. I approve. πŸ‘Œ


Oh yes! I got my new phone!Β Or rather, we got our new phones!
Yay! Now even our phones have the same anniversary. Lol lol.

Nice! The accessories are black now. The earphones are by AKG which is worth $99 when I googled.

gudetama cafe . fumee

Gudetama Cafe!

I wanted the chicken with waffles but don’t have. 😣

So I ordered big breakfast.

This can’t go wrong. Lol. But I don’t like the bacon leh. Too crispy.

Egg benedict so cute!


Brought the gang to try the pork chop burger at Fumee. Somehow it’s not as good this time, maybe cause I was already very full.

Had coffee and we talked a lot. Like a lot.




So after this meal, we headed to Jen and Jeff’s place and we talked until 3am again. Haha. πŸ˜…