japan hokkaido, day 1 – chitose

The day I’ve been looking forward to is finally here! Haven’t slept during the night because flight is at 6am.

Breakfast comes first, hunger at 4am is no joke.

In-flight meal (Singapore to Taipei), this looks more like boiled chicken than roasted. 😅

Transit at Taipei.

In-flight meal (Taipei – Hokkaido), this is one of the better meals I’ve had on Scoot. Beef was tender. Be careful of splatters though.


Finally here!!!

Took bus 66 to our hotel but got down too early. *facepalm*

So we took the train and got down at Chitose Station which is just one stop away.

Quiet town.

Hotel is not bad, a little more spacious than the usual hotels.

TC rushed in to work.

I shall have a good bath tonight.

Going to settle our dinner at 7-eleven, their food can hardly go wrong.

This oyako don. 👌🏻 How is it that the egg doesn’t get cooked in the microwave? The rice was in a separate bowl stacked at the bottom.

Condiments provided too, didn’t have the need to use it as the dish was flavorful enough.

Meat ball nabe. It was alright.

The breads. Sandwich was yums, anything related to eggs is good.

Curry pork bun was heavy on the spice and herbs but good in a way.

Desserts! Shall not comment on the sweet potato, it’s not the first time we’re having it. I don’t mind bringing a batch of it home.

I see black sugar and it’s only the last one left on the shelf, I take it. Just look at the whole chunk of red bean paste inside. Better share as it’s quite jelak to have it yourself. The red bean paste wasn’t as sweet as those I had in the past, the thin layer of black sugar cake around gives a very nice fragrance.

Drinks. Bought the Kirin Lemon because packaging on point. Coffee tastes okay, doesn’t have the sour note that TC likes.


31 . seoul yummy . meat n’ chill

The princess asked for her birthday sayang. 😬


Army stew at Seoul Yummy before Wonder Woman!

They used to have more sides long ago. Now they don’t give so much?

Now I feel like going to the beach.


Meat N’ Chill
Kenna surprised by the gang. Lol lol. TC opened the door to the restaurant with a cheeky smile and I was just like… whut? They were right in front of me and I still never see them. 🦑 Damn sotong.

Looks cute but tastes yucky because beer is just not my kind of thing.

This nice.

Beef stew nice.

Spam fries can skip because serving very small and tastes… just like spam fries lo. Skip.

The ribs very tender and flavourful. Waa… I will come back for more. The fries nicely fried too, addictive.

Don’t even know why he has to hide behind me. 😒
While there are like 3 cameras clicking away… 😅😅😅

Thanks everybuddy!