seoul day 4

Shopping at Ewha.

Of course I bought clothes, which girl doesn’t? Didn’t really buy a lot though because they look pretty much the same: off shoulder, ready for summer… not for work.

Spent most of my money on…

These! My dark eye circles are horrible. I hope they can save me. The reviews on web are good, so… please work. πŸ™


This shall hold sheet masks in place while I do other stuffs.

So pretty! How do I resist? 😍

This is the most awesome food I had in Korea. Shop’s name is κ³΅λ¦‰λ‹­ν•œλ§ˆλ¦¬.

Or maybe I was just craving for soupy stuff. Lol.

Shop front.

I took this image from Foursquare. Lol.

Floor seating.

You have to order at least 1 chicken and it is enough for 2 people, includes porridge too.

One chicken is β‚©19,000.


The chicken is very well cleaned, the skin is very smooth. πŸ‘ Really thumbs up to them for handling the chicken so well.

#dayrefatties #chickensoup

Very tender.

The soup is very good too. It’s seasoned with minimal salt, so if you like it to be more salty.. add more yourself.

There’s also rice cakes and potato slices in it.

Even the kimchi is bagus! Ask for more if you want.

I don’t dare to touch the chilli. Koreans really no joke when you ask for spicy.

After we are done with the chicken. The ladies will add a bowl of rice to the leftover soup.

Waiting for it to cook.

Add in the seaweed and egg.

This is seriously good stuff. If I wasn’t full, I would have asked for more. πŸ˜‹


Bing su is something I will never ever understand. I tried once and I condemned it forever already.

Why do people like it huh? It’s just tasteless ice with things added on top. Very expensive too. I mean… just eat ice kacang la, so cheap.

But this one is snow ice okay. Taiwan version. Lol. Milk tea flavoured leh!!! 😍

Waaa… this one is good. I approve! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


On the map.

#dogs #puppies

Huge husky. So beautiful. 😍



So nice to touch! Lol.

The person who has the treats, gets the dogs.

Spot the realistic dog.

Seriously this dog ignores everyone in the room until someone starts taking treats out and he does this to get the attention.

This is how it looks like if we ever have a dog in the house. Lol.

This dog makes me feel like a dog whisperer. Hahahhaahah! It keeps coming to me and snuggles against me. Even when the other dogs get into some kind of argument, it stays calm.


Unloaded shopping loots.

Had a pack of potato chips and this is finally something that’s not just sweet.



They have this egg pancake. I like how the nuts go well with it.

Grilled chestnuts! Which I saved until the next day. Lol.

Chir Chir Chicken

I had a berry soda, while he had a Cass beer. He said this is the nicest beer that he ever had but I still don’t like it.

It did enhance the taste of my drink after I poured some in. Haha.

Creamed corn and crackers.

It’s here!

Just to show how big it was.

Next time, I will do my stir-fries with lots of garlic and chilli. Yum yum.

By the way, if you realised. We had 2 chickens today. Lol. Wtf.

#pipilabieats #friedchicken

#pipilabitravels #korea #seoul


seoul day 3. everland

We're off!

To Everland!

This was the voucher that we got from the tour agency.

And it was changed to these.

#pipilabitravels #korea #seoul #everland #dayretravel

Eat first. The food here is quite affordable if you ask me. $11 for these. Quite yummy too.


There's a lot of kids. A lot if I compare it with Japan's Disneyland and most of them has the annual membership.

There are so so so many pretty flowers here!

#dayreflowers #hydrangeas


I thought I wouldn't be able to see hydrangea fields but this is better than nothing!








Little Tifa look-a-like wants to join too.

Fluffy looking flowers.

They have the nice smell of chrysanthemums.



I lost my 360Β° camera. Wtf. Why did I had to spoil the trip at this time…


We kept tracking back our foot steps to look for it. Seriously. Wtf.

Tried the so called Lost & Found counter, TC ask for whether they have gotten a camera but the lady said no.

I was so ready to just give it up and tried very hard to tell myself that it's alright… I don't want to spoil the trip.

But TC kept going on.

Because I definitely felt affected. It was a new camera that I enthusiastically bought for the trip.

I'm glad he persevered.

Went to the Lost & Found one more time.

While TC was trying to detect for the camera with his phone. I went to the lady again. This time I asked for a little black pouch.

And there it is!

I cried tears of joy. Never felt so relieved before.


This is the place where I realise my camera was missing.


And I took pictures of these pandas while I was fixing my mood. 😣







The polar bear must be very bored, it kept doing the same flip over and over again.









Witness the birth of a newborn. ✌






Fennec foxes are so cute!



Got on this safari ride!

It can get in water too!

We can get really up close with the animals, the host of the ride even fed the giraffe and it's head has to come very close to get the food.

Damn cool.

TC has the pictures.




More snacks!

The bunnies weren't very well kept. At least they were out of the reach of kids.

Guinea pigs.

Lambs. That one is taking a piss.

Little chicks.


There was a parrot area too.

Water themed parade.

They really do splash water. When the wind blows, we will get some of it too.

Must run very far to watch. Lol.

They have very everlasting features everywhere which they can use for all seasons and occasions.


The place where you can see flowers everywhere.



I call them puffballs.


Fluffy purple flowers.

With the hydrangeas!

Mini Everland


Lots of bulbs in here.



Rose Garden

The place smells very nice.

Although the roses aren't the prettiest. Lol. You probably can only find a pretty one out of a hundred.



Another snack! Sweet and spicy fried chicken stick.

Never had slurpee for a long time.

The cake from the cafe was surprisingly yummy.

We're just waiting for the sun to set, so that we could see the lighted rose garden.

Beautiful colours in the sky.

The sun is finally setting at 8pm!


The roses are now lighted!



It was colourful alright.

Lots of lights. In fact a little too many lightbulbs.

It wasn't as magical as disney. 😳

That doesn't mean Everland is not good okay. It has a bit of everything a kid wants; zoo, flowers, fun and games… just the experience at the zoo itself is much better than SG's zoo. πŸ˜’

It's even darker to see the lighted roses.

TC bought me a rose! I guess he's never going to buy me real flowers… 😞

Better than nothing! πŸ˜„

This rose is scented okay, looks and feels very real like an Ecuador rose. πŸ‘

Thought can watch fireworks but this is just an animation which I don't understand at all. I fell asleep.

We had to continue sitting at the same position for the next 45 mins after this to wait for the fireworks.

Oh yeah!

Better than NDP.



He says it's spicy.


Very safe. Non-spicy at all. Lol.

The eggs that I bought.

This tasted like something… but I can't remember.

Takoyaki flavour.

It's good but a bit too sweet.

Don't know why Koreans like that tidbits to be sweet. I'm just not able to get any salty one.

seoul day 2

This was our breakfast from Okinawa. LOL!
Garlic flavour and it's the best out of all that I've bought.

Makeup quite on point today.

Gyeongbukgong Palace was our first stop but alas… the weather wasn't good to us.

Went to the Museum's cafe for lunch, hoping the rain will stop by the time we are done.


I really should go back and learn how to make that radish.

This was pictured on a plate in the menu… now we have to open the pack ourselves.

I like it dipped with a little bibimbap sauce! Sweet and salty. πŸ‘

TC's bibimbap because most of the other food had beef in them.

And my glass noodles! It tasted good, just that the beef is kind of tough.

Still raining, so we took a look at the Museum. You know… see the history of Korea.

Still raining…

Not going in already since the rain has spoilt it. Difficult to enjoy anything in the rain.

Going get tickets for Everland!

From here because they have 25% off now, not inclusive of transport. Tickets will last for 2 months but of course we are not staying that long.

This place is at level 3 of Hotel President.

Went to Lotte World, mostly because I wanted to see how the place looks like especially after seeing it on dramas.

But… the shops there very atas. We left soon after.

I did have a red bean bun there. Lol. My tummy was acting up and I needed to eat.

COEX Mall was next. Things here are more affordable.

But first! Coffee!

This chocolate fudge cake is very good!

This is my Jeju Hangrabong Honey Tea.

πŸ‘§ Hang-ra-bong. Hang-ra-bong~
πŸ‘¦ You order yourself, I see how you pronounce it.
πŸ‘§ Ok!

Goes to the counter

πŸ‘§ Jeju Honey Tea, hot.


Red Belgian Mocha also very nice.

There's this shop, BΓΌtter. I love that shop, it's so damn awesome.

Buy all the plates!!!

The teapot damn cute. The price very very affordable too.

I shopped at least 3 rounds in here. Lol.

The aquarium was closed by the time we got there, thought I could catch a glimpse of Samuel the Octopus, given to the aquarium by Conan O'brien. Lol.

I could see this pufferfish though!

Some loots I got today.

This sparkly watch from Latem.

The shop has very very pretty bags and accessories.

And a little horoscope necklace from Redeye.

#pipilabitravels #korea #seoul #dayretravel


It's BBQ. It's BBQ. *dances*

This shop. It's opened by somebody famous? Think I've seen him on a show before.

Red hot charcoal.

Menu small and cute.

Basic condiments.

Egg was fluffy.

We had pork belly, pork shoulder and all that beef for myself.

Pork belly was alright.

Pork shoulder was really good. Beef is pretty good too, maybe I've overcooked it a little.

#dayrefatties #pipilabieats #koreanbbq

Bought desserts from Paris Baguette!



Nom nom.

japan day 5 – okinawa, korea day 1 – seoul

This is the last time I’m having breakfast for this Okinawa trip. 😧 Let me show you the huge omelette! The frying pan must be very big.

Mentaiko pasta, although the pasta wasn’t what I have hoped for but better than nothing.

Mentaiko toast later.


Lychees not very good.


Checked out of hotel and now we are checked in at the airport. Going Seoul next!
Had a jelly drink before the flight!

Conclusion for Okinawa.
Okinawa is like Phuket for the Japanese, Taiwanese and Koreans but a lot better because it’s Japan. Lol. Cleaner and more organised.

I want to come back again. Maybe for 1 full week, after TC has gotten his driving license. There’s many other parts of Okinawa that I wanna go but there’s no transport unless we are rich enough to always take cab…

Hotel was good but the bed not so… we always wake up feeling tired. The bed was uncomfortable.


Getting on board!

I like how their shopping catalogue looks like a floral catalogue.

Bye Okinawa πŸ‘‹ Wait for me! I will be back!


Annyeonghaseyo from Seoul!

Ooh. My luggage is security ensured. πŸ‘


My first meal in Korea!
Actually it’s just some food from the Airport’s convenience store. Haha!

One side sweet, one side spicy. Best of both worlds. Yum yum.

Egg and luncheon meat roll. Ok ok only.

First drink! Lol… wtf.

So boyfriend bought the Airport limousine tickets. β‚©15,000 each. It will be cheaper if you take train… It will only be like β‚©4,250 each to our destination.

The bus that we took.

Wooo… very comfortable seats. That’s why so expensive also.


At Hotel Morning Sky.

The room is big.

Standard toilet. No bathtub.

We can finally wash clothes!! Yay!
Let me show you the most incredible thing.

One full fridge!!! Omg… hahahha!!! Don’t think I can fill it with that much food though.

Thanks to my Sis for lending me her Cashbee card!

Snack first!

It’s a sausage wrapped in bread, breaded with breadcrumbs and fried. Yum.

Boyband thing going on here. I have no idea who they are.

We have no idea what to eat for dinner. Like againnnnn… lol
Ended up at this dumpling restaurant because it smells good.

Huge kimchi dumpling. Very spicy.

We shared a anchovy stock chopped noodles too. Not bad. The soup a bit too salty though.

Takeaway for supper!

Ah Xiang was here.

Give us the wrong item. Lol. This one is more expensive too. But the spicy flavour is really too hot for us to handle, we threw away the leftovers.