printoss . mos keema curry chicken katsu burger

Kept testing on the Printoss, it’s so weird because TC and I have the exact same phones but my prints will have a blue tone. Then we found it that it is due to the blue light, TC has his blue light filter on.

So yes, remember to turn on your blue light filter if you are using Samsung phones.


Mos has this new Keema Curry Chicken Katsu Burger, it’s very nice! I like the touch of curry and it doesn’t over power the original fragrance of chicken katsu. Good balance.


Popped by 100 Selegie, the place has changed again. More paintings. Going to be a International Women’s Party tonight, think there’s Attagirl and Rebel Daughters. Although I have no idea who they are (I don’t party) but they seem pretty popular.


Bought lots of furniture from Ikea. Glad we did snack before we start the hunt because the wait to collect and deliver was sooooo long.


Did you guys see Mario on Google map? So cute but hmm… not very engaging.


Cappuccino Melty Kiss tastes weird. Eek.


Haiyo. I really should stop having late night meals.

akamai privacy screen . hwa ji bak kut teh

Oh yes! My delivery is here! The box is big for something so flat. I read reviews that Akamai is better than 3M, but the irony is that they use 3M sticker holders too. 🀣


Lunch with 3 guys means they always over order. Food at Hwa Ji Bak Kut Teh tastes basic, nothing amazing.

Got a juice to make my lunch feel better. $3 for 3 oranges is quite expensive, right?


Office too cold until nose pain and I can’t stop sniffling. Went out and got myself a huge cup of teh halia.Β One of the shops in Amoy Street Food Centre has the best teh halia. Gingery, thick and not overly sweet.

testing note 8’s camera . pasta mania

Trying Note 8’s camera and she wouldn’t stop moving.

Testing live focus.


Normal mode without live focus.
Think live focus will be more suitable for objects that are at least 1.2m away. Try again later.


Walked so much… I’m just going to spam a lot of photos

My legs… πŸ˜‚
Nevermind as long as I get to burn some calories.


Pastamania again

TC had the Miso clams and mushroom. My colleagues had this the last time at SMU and commented it was very salty but this isn’t salty at all. In fact, it was quite good. So it depends on who is cooking the dish.

I had the beef rending and it was really good. Enjoyed it.

south union park . arcade . xo fish bee hoon . note 8

Brunch with the gang at South Union Park.

But we didn’t get any of their breakfast because it’s just not enticing. So we sat there and waited until their lunch hour starts. I didn’t get any of the lunch mains too because the starters looks more interesting to me.

Ordered the poutine. Fries with duck sauce and cheese. I love those at the bottom when they’re all soaked up with the sauce. πŸ˜‹

Scorched egg looks very pretty but I was quite disappointed. It should not be Thai-fusioned. Made it taste sour. Disgusted.

TC had the chicken leg which was quite good. He cleared the plate.

$22 cheeseburger. Juicy because I can see the juice dipping from it.

“Hello!” to the guy who wants me to take a picture of him with his burger.

Tiramisu is thick and creamy, not too sweet, got alcohol. πŸ‘

Lemon tart was just alright.


We played at the arcade.

There was this Dark Escape game which was really fun, we have to shoot zombies or monsters in there. The seat will vibrate when the zombies suddenly appear or there will be a gust of wind. There’s even a heart rate monitor to see how panicky you are.

But ah. I think Sarah made the whole experience very fun because she was just screaming at every single thing. Every time she scream, I laughed. I feel I should be scared but I just kept laughing. She lessened my fear a whole lot. Hahaha.

Very bad leh. I build my laughter over her fears.
But really damn funny la. Hahahahhaha! Even though my heart rate was up like 130 beats but I was laughing leh. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Too ‘chek ark’. 😳


Sarah wanted to get a plant for her office. We went back to the old office where we used to work together and took a picture. Hahahaha! Even spent time to chit chat with ex-colleagues. Nostalgic la. But no. I won’t be back.


Dinner was XO fish bee hoon, prawn paste chicken and… The salted egg pork ribs quite good leh. I approve. πŸ‘Œ


Oh yes! I got my new phone!Β Or rather, we got our new phones!
Yay! Now even our phones have the same anniversary. Lol lol.

Nice! The accessories are black now. The earphones are by AKG which is worth $99 when I googled.

korean snacks . samsung note 8

😍 Perfect wedding decor.


Watched this right before I left office.

And I went to get the one which was highly recommended. Muahahaha! But looks a bit different from the one in the video leh… nevermind, try this first. This snack is called, Jjang Gu.

Very crunchy… hmm… but nope. I wouldn’t get this again. It’s had that taste of artificial sweetener which… ya… stevia is part of the ingredients or maybe it’s the nutmeg. I only had a handful and the rest I leave it to TC.

I hope this is good.

Can’t taste the green tea, too mild. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Just get their classic la. Hahaha!


Have you seen the Note 8?
It’s awesome. It’s perfect. I miss having Note after all the Note 7 saga, and I settled with a S7 Edge.

The new functions are seriously amazing, so when I was talking about it with my IT colleague, we were like screaming with joy. Hahahaha! Sorry, techy girls are like that, we don’t go crazy over girly things.

Oh! Especially the DeX stand. 😍😍😍😍😍 I love.

Gonna pre-register tomorrow. Don’t stop me.


Omg. She is so so so so soooooo clingy today.

Then she just sits there and watching TC. Hahahahha… laugh die me.

long john silver . morganfield’s . outdoor festival

The chicken & shrimp with salted egg sauce is legit good leh. Not stingy with the sauce at all. Good sia. Better than McDonald’s. Lol.


I got a new wireless keyboard!

TC has one but I wanted one for my home.

So stupid. They sell this on for $39.90 but it’s $54 in-store. But they also take from the store if I buy from the website mah.


✌ I also got a gachapon toy! So small, so cute.

Like that quite obvious already, right? $3 only leh.



😲 One rib can serve 2 to 3 people??? Waaa…
TC don’t eat beef, so I cannot try this myself.

We love Pop Corn Pork. πŸ˜‹ Tender, crispy and fragrant.

Look at it. *drool*

And ribs. Yummy yummy ribs.


Went to see bunnies!Β Eggcited.

So many people here and some of the lights become dim already.

There are interesting food stalls here too, so come here if you don’t mind queuing. The stalls were closing when we were here.

I only came here to see bunnies. 😝