new bag

带着一个小包就出门. Taobao link here.

converse sales . hawker chan

Took leave to go shopping with Sis. Very long never go shopping together already.
Sorry, this is just a pic of me though. 🤣

Lunch at Hans was disappointing. Not satisfied.

Lucky there’s one for one Starbucks to make up for it but too sweet for me even though I asked for half syrup.

We went for the Converse sales!
Got 2 sneakers, 2 everlast sports bra and a singlet! Very cheap!!!


Here’s Mummy’s bday dinner! All from Hawker Chan except the veggies. Only asked Mum to fry a veggie. Cannot go out because Dad is sick.
They loved the food. 👍👍👍

random musings

Tifa has a new sleeping pose. Hands up in the air!


Takeaway 4Fingers lunch at home for parents and sis.


Woo… Saw this shop at Chinatown Food Market. It’s quite good and not too sweet, just that the biscuit is a little too crumbly.

Steam fish head with garlic for dinner.


Bought myself an agate bracelet! So pretty! My MIL helped me to choose when I couldn’t make up my mind. 😁

kabe no ana . mad jack cafe

I got a new friend! 😁 TC got this for me while he was in HK. ❤


Very long never visit Kabe No Ana already.

Just aim the Mentaiko!

TC is having the Mentaiko Carbonara.

While I had the Salmon Avocado. 😋

Don’t forget the Mentaiko Mayo Toast! Must have!


We had cakes at Mad Jack Cafe. These are quite moist and delicious. Surprised that their cakes is actually quite good.


I stepped in Miniso to buy socks, don’t have what I wanted.
Came out with this bag instead. So cute! $5.90 only. How to not buy???

rom dress

My ROM dress is here and it’s gorgeous. Just the way I wanted it to be. Lace with that bit of vintage feel. 😍 Those details. On point. 👌


In reference to point 5, if the price really drops to $50. I gonna put my Dayre to private. You gonna have to follow me if you wanna read my posts.

taobao dress

In my new dress from Taobao. I love this! It’s almost like the black dress that I wanted to buy again but no more stock.

This one. Even TC also say nice. So hor~

I should get the same thing in another colour, right? Hahaha!


Well. Company just made a huge annoucement. Oh. Should have more bonus too. 😆

Neh mind. Got nice food. 😋 Can last me until tonight.


Anytime everytime.

christmas musings

I randomly said to TC this morning, “I hate you.”

👦: Why?
👧: Because my throat is very irritating and I just feel like saying it.

Totally random. 😂

Then he made me a cup of hot ginger tea. 😍 我的未来老公很棒喔!


It’s here! It’s here!


Got ourselves some cheap electronic toothbrush! Not bad leh!


Xmas eve dinner! We had cravings because of a buzzfeed video.

jellycat bunny

TC got me a Jellycat as my Xmas present. I really wanted this. 😍
So cute. So nice to hug. Same size as Tifa. Lol.


Dayima is a bitch.


1-for-1 if you make payment using android pay or mastercard at Soup Spoon. That’s like $7 each for our set of soup, cake and drink. Damn worthed it!


I shopped a lot today! Weee~
Some innisfree. The mineral highlighter is really nice!

All of these on sale! One shirt for TC too.

One NYX primer from Sephora. You’ll be surprised that I have not been using primer… so… I’m gonna try this for a start. And 6 pairs of earrings, to replace the pile that I’ve thrown away recently. Haha.