random musings

Fish steamboat with mum-in-law.

nice thoughts only . pho stop

One small thought in the morning can change the whole day.

Even TC woke up early, probably because the little monster couldn’t come in the room and disturb us, we had a better night.

I ran out of the room and greeted Tifa, opened the gate and she ran out. Had a little adventure around the living room and took TC quite some time to get her back in. Fed breakfast, cleaned the area and topped up her food and water.

Music plays in the background while I took my time to prep for work. Ahhh… I like mornings like this and it should be a motivation for me to sleep early.

Was a nice quiet stroll to the bus stop from our new place, nobody is rushing or walking at a very fast pace. Realised that I forgot my phone and TC ran pass me with my phone in his hands. 😁 Thanks Pipi.

Train wasn’t as crowded as I thought and managed to get myself a seat. 😊

Lunch at Pho Stop. The texture of the noodles is not very good, quite thick and feels rough. Beef balls a bit salty too.

random musings

Out with Sis again! We look so much alike in the photo, just that my face is rounder.

Lunch at Sushiro.

She came over to my new place to have a look and we had loads of fried chicken from KFC and Arnold’s. Fat die me seriously.

bangkok day 1 – greyhound cafe . pla thong mookata

Too early.

First time we had to take the airport shuttle to board out planes.



Once we have left our luggage at the hotel, we went to get some snacks at 7-eleven, as the Greyhound Cafe at Siam Center isn’t opened yet. Yes, we arrived Bangkok very early.

Decor in Greyhound Cafe was beautiful. Loved the greens.


The food wasn’t as good as we expected though. Beef was chewy tough and pork was a little tad dry. Drinks was alright but I wouldn’t go back for just the drinks if the food wasn’t good.



First purchase of the day! A tiger eye crystal bracelet.



Massage done.



Then it was dinner at Pla Thong Mookata. It was the girl’s first time having mookata in Bangkok.



Starbucks Reserve at Central World.



Finally got to see our hotel room at the end of the day.


Although the toilet looks like it was build to be shared. One side toilet, the other side shower but there’s only one door which slides to whichever side that was in use. *face palm* Door was quite translucent too, can see shape and colour, so we can’t even use the basin while somebody is showering or pooping or peeing.

folks collective

Lunch set at Folks Collective is only $9.90+ , I ordered the beef stew noodles and comes with little spring rolls. Pretty good and value for money.


Sushi Express with the parents, they have this new item but I have no idea what it is. I know there’s tobiko inside.

They keep throwing chocolates in my basket like it’s free. LOL.

random musings

Greendot today! Somehow there isn’t much variety at Northpoint City


Got Dad and Mum to go ikea shopping with us and we had dinner together near our place. The oyster omelette sucks even though the stall’s Hokkien mee was really good. Garlic pork from the Thai stall was very yum.

random musings

Another farewell.


Got really bored at work, it happens when you have a bad boss who can’t lead or manage. So I went out for a coffee break, since I skipped lunch too.

So cute but quite heavy as a brooch!


Farewells happening at Tuckshop.

random musings

Had chilli pan mee for the first time. Not bad leh! Other than the fact that it’s a little too sweet.


Then watermelon and lychee snowice for dessert. I have been aiming this flavour for a long time and it didn’t disappoint.