random musings

Wow. The Airport terminal 1 looks like that now. Pretty!

Dining cabinet and table delivered today! Can’t wait to assemble them. *excited*

Making this soup for dinner, just tried to use whatever ingredients that I could find.

Sorry, no image of the final outcome. Hahaha! It’s good though. Loved the corn expecially, I must get it again.


in the house . legends

Maggi mee at the new place while waiting for deliveries to come.

Cushions are up. I still have one more pillow but no matching cushion cover.

Messy hair, no makeup.

Somebody came back with food for me! Weeee~!

Gonna shorten the curtains while I’m here too.


Last minute dinner with the peeps at Legends. The chicken chop is nicely grilled and charred. Thumbs up!

sofa, tv console and tv is ready . leong ji seafood

Had a few contractors come over to touch up a few things, then we waited for the heavy rain to stop. Can already see how we are going to laze around after moving in.

Sarah and Ah Long suddenly fly kite, so I’m like, “Let’s setup the TV.” Even sign up for a Netflix account. LOL.

And I got Jen and Jeff to come over and chill with us. Hahahaha!


Managed to get Sarah and Ah Long out for dinner at Leong Ji Seafood. I highly recommend the fried cuttlefish with kang kong and Nonya steam fish head (Assam Curry) which is really really good.


Then head back to our place to plan for the group’s Hokkaido trip! Yay!

ya hua bak kut teh eating house

Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh Eating House. First time having bak kut teh with a pot of tea, I really suaku. The tea we chose was 不知香 aka ‘don’t know fragrance’ if translated to English. Hahaha! Not bad, not bad.

Nice leh! The soup not too peppery, so we could still taste the thick pork bone broth. Mmmm…


Meat dumplings for dinner before we assemble our sofa and tv console. =)

malaysia day 4 – penang . coming home . assemble bed frame



Curry mee. Love that they have pig’s blood cake, it’s sad that Singapore no longer allows stalls to sell it. Add curry chilli if you like and it’s not too spicy.

Toast was just planta, dip in sugar. =(


Coming back.


After I was done clearing the luggage, I headed to the new house as I have deliveries from Taobao to receive. Mum came along and helped me to open the packages and shifted some heavy furniture, so that I can assemble some of them after she left.

The is not helping. Fml. Took us so long to figure it out and the parts that we have was different. *Cries* Luckily I’m good at it thanks to Ikea.

house updates

Lunch to prep for physical activities!


Love my dining chairs, too bad my dining table won’t be coming soon.

The bar stools are a little short for my standing table, gonna try selling them and buy another pair.


Took us hours to setup the dressing table and the bed has missing packages, so it’s just like that. Hahaha! Gonna resolve that.


Late late dinner.