random musings

An Indian colleague is going back after his one-month stint here, so we had the farewell at J65. Didn’t take any food pictures though, I was too busy having crabs. Hehe.

standing sushi bar

It’s the interns last day, so we’re going to Standing Sushi Bar for lunch!

Sushi is not bad but I think shiokmaki still better. Lol lol.

Oyako don. Again… I miss Kyoto. 😢
Why they put mushroom inside? It doesn’t compliment well… if not it would be quite good.

See. The egg looks quite good, right?

My meal comes with a salad.

Thanks for the help ladies!

My boss really too tall. 😂


Head and shoulders, knees and toes
Knees and toes, knees and toes
Head and shoulders, knees and toes
My fair lady

I know the lyrics is wrong. Damn, all because of the shampoo bottle in the bathroom. As long as it rhymes and ends it. It doesn’t matter. There’s no way I’m going to let a song like that go on forever. 😅


Vegetarian rice today. Quite good but not something that I will go back again.


Too many people getting sick in office!!! I better spam more vit C. I think blueberry flavour tastes better than orange.


Drinking with colleagues at Tuckshop again.

Lucky we never order too much this time.

Kampong BBQ chicken pizza is good, lots of tender and juicy chicken chunks.


farewell purin

Roses Only Singapore
Woohoo! Office signboard is finally up! And the roses vinyl sticker too.

Chio right? Lol.
It’s Christine’s last day… she cried a little after reading the farewell messages from us. We were kind of back to the nostalgic old days where we used to laugh and joke with each other.

It felt good. =)

Received a lavender lip balm all the way from New Zealand. Smells nice eh. But I haven’t open mine yet. Haha.

Well, a farewell isn’t a real farewell if we are still going to meet up in future.

Long John Silver’s
Dining alone, since boyfriend is still working.

They have fried chicken drumstick with fish fillet set, looks interesting.

The chicken drumstick not bad. Fragrant, tender and juicy. Just that the skin not crispy, although the name of the meal is ‘Crispy Chicken Delight’. The irony. Lol.
#tifarabbit is in heat… since late last night. Trying to hump my plush. I think she’s getting quite irritated by the fact that she needs to get humped…

I’m watching her run around, try to hump (even though she’s a girl), rest and then run around again. Poops around the bed… You poop when you’re in heat? That’s very uncultured of you. Aiyooo.

I’m not gonna cry.

We going to celebrate Nadine’s farewell today, even though her actual last day is tomorrow but some of us couldn’t make it.

Nadine made us banana chocolate muffins!

Thanks to you too, for all the help rendered and of course… the yummy muffins.

We blew a lot of mini balloon and wrote messages on them. This was quite a challenge because she is in the same room as us, we had to keep hiding.

Buried the presents inside the load of balloons. Oh-so-colourful!

All of us had dinner together at Mellben Seafood.

Enormous gift all ready for the girl.

Taking a peek.

Tadaa! It’s all black bird theme.

All our messages.

The main gift.

A blackbird lomo!

Then, it’s time to start digging in our long awaited crab feast.

Bye, Nadine! Good luck in your future endeavors.

Never find anyone quite like us.

Prepared a farewell gift for Rachel, it’s going to be a surprise for her as we’re all acting busy with photoshoot.

Farewell card done by Mindy and we have all written our messages for her.


My message to her.

Back to office and we took pictures with Rachel.

They needed Mindy to help with the shutter button. Hahaha!

Then we left office to Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood Restaurant, pretending that we have to go City Square Mall for the next photoshoot and Rachel think that we really had to end it that way without any farewell meal with her.


Before I start my meal, I have to prepare my gastric.

Teddy beside me, waiting for his meal.


Rachel sure was surprised when she saw us.

Seafood Mee Sua.

Hotplate Tofu.

Prawn Paste Chicken.

Sambal French Beans.

Black Pepper Crab.

Chilli Crab.

Fried Mantous.

Deer Meat with Spring Onion and Ginger.

The funny teacher and tu-di combo.

Gifts for her!

Goodluck to you~

We even packed herbal tea inside the case for Rachel, too much heaty food, so she must drink more hearbal tea to clear all that heatiness. PS. she carried both bottles of herbal tea back herself. Mwahahaha!

Bye, we’ll miss you!

We all gotta reason to celebrate tonight.

David’s last day, we’re going to miss him.

Photoshoot is over! We’re all out for a celebration! Yippee!

All ready for our crab session at Mellben!

Even bought our own bottle of sparkling wine.

Chilli Crab.

Creamy Butter Crab.

There’s also Crab Bee Hoon too but we had to keep our cameras aside since we have to start eating. No picture of it taken.

Fried Mantous, must-haves to go with the sauces!

Sambal Kang Kong.

We finished everything single crab! Boyfriend and I were the last ones standing. Weee~

– – – – –

Time for some chilling at Little Part 1 Cafe.

At our hobbies again. All of you haven’t had enough of photoshoot?

More beers.

This is good, brewed by the nuns, fragrant but still a little bitter.

I had a beer too, Brown Cow, root beer with float. Hahaha!

Yeah, I’m drinking my boyfriend, because his zodiac is cow and he’s tan. Bwahahaha! Brown cow.