chu lu ping an

Handicraft for #pipilabiHQ done!

Bought the mosaic tiles yesterday and carried them home; so damn heavy. Worked on it during the night, even though I was falling sick.


Very long never eat tapioca cake.



Starbucks has changed our names. Haha!



Mala again. Nom Nom!



goro goro steamboat . art jamming at arteastiq

Steamboat with Sis! Got the fave voucher with promo code, so it only costs $33+ for both of us.

Korean steamboat and here we are having tomato soup and bak ku teh soup. Soup wasn’t very flavourful, I had to add in more things like minced garlic to make the bak ku teh soup even better. I almost took their whole pepper shaker. 不

Since it’s $17 each. Ok la, cannot complain. We have more spending power now, so can eat better food. This is a place that I will come during my student days.
At least still got ice cream included.


Art jamming. I don’t like that I only have 3 hours to paint. No time = ugly. So I anyhow paint.

I started painting flowers but it sucks. I painted grey over it…

So now it’s just like that lo. 3 hrs session and I chilled for 1 hr. Nubbad.

Not bad la. Quite artistic. 不不不不不

tanuki raw . aiclay workshop

Tanuki Raw with Mum and Sis today because Sis wanna try, even though I told her it’s so-so only. I went hoping that perhaps it wasn’t that good the time I went. Give chance. Lol.

This the famous Truffle Yakiniku with onsen egg. Erm. Beef a bit tough lo. Hahaha. But if you ask me good or not… just not amazing la hor?

Ordered the Kaisen Chirashi Don. The uni is nice but got this frozen smell, u know it has absorbed the smell in the fridge. If not… ok la. Not very amazing again. I miss Tsukiji Market seriously.

We ordered the truffled sweet potato fries too. It’s good but I can’t taste the truffle leh.


Workshop with Sis at AiClay.
Like so many cakes. Hahahaha!

My chaota fries because chaota nice right? Or rather, curry flavoured.

Yay! All done! I even made a little saucer for my chilli sauce.