random musings

I’m going to see the doctor again, think there’s a tear in my throat or something due to excessive coughing. Third time this month, almost once every week.

Spend my first longest time in the clinic and the doctor has determined that my cough is caused by my sensitive nose. I have to use the nasal spray everyday until everything is gone.

TC has gotten the flu bug too. Tifa has an appointment at the vet for her nose infection. All of us has got nose issues.

Lunch before the vet.

Made dinner after my drowsy nap.

Really like this snack and TC has his first taste of beef even though it’s not actual beef. Lol.

random musings

A colleague from India gave me this candy. It’s green mango flavour with a random Indian sauce in the middle. Really weird but fun at the same time.

Had lunch at Wheat. The grilled salmon with soba is good.

Assam fish head with the parents.

honey glazed baby pork ribs

We’re staying home to do chores today. No mood to leave house too and so I decided to clear some food in the fridge.

Got this pack of pork ribs from Redmart for quite some time already.

Going to roast some vegetables too.

Putting the rib on a rack over the vegetables, so the veggies can get some flavour from the ribs too.

Glazed it with my honey garlic. 😋


This Caramel Corn snack very nice oh! It’s Kiromitsu Kinako flavour.