apple soda braised pork

Good morning, Tifa. It’s time to wake up.

Bought this chopper from Don Don Donki, forgot how much I got it for. $40+?

Specialty for dinner today is apple soda braised pork! Firstly, we have to pan-fry the pork until it’s browned at the sides. Do not add oil, as the oil from the pork will ooze out while frying.

Then put the pork inside the pressure cooker. Add in ginger and spring onions.

Pour in can of apple soda (I got it from Daiso, or you can buy the normal China apple soda from NTUC if you can find it.), mirin and soy sauce. Add water until it covers the pork.

Pressure cook for 20 mins and it’s ready.

We got this recipe from 聖凱師 from Taiwan, here’s his Youtube video.


With a plate of stir-fried cabbage and spring onion omelette (don’t waste).

I find the sauce was too sweet, should probably reduce the mirin or apple soda. Kept the leftover sauce in the fridge, I can use it for other dishes in future.