thambi’s . dunstable swan jewel . yu cun claypot curry fish head

Had briyani with a colleague from India today. I have no idea why he thinks that Singaporeans do not eat Indian food unless they’re Indians? LOL. Like how is that possible? Unless the person tried and did not like Indian food at all.

Thambi’s at Amoy Market (recommended by Seth Lui) was not bad, a little too salty for me but not amazing.


I’ve been waiting documentaries about England’s history, Kings and Queens. There was one which has this Dunstable Swan Jewel. OMG, so pretty. Where can I find a replica?

And if you are interested in the documentary.


Mother’s Day dinner at Yu Cun Claypot Curry Fish Head! Have wanted to bring my family here to try.

The must-haves as usual (1) (2).

Tried the Mongolian pork ribs this time, I think it’s quite good too.