Some colleagues are leaving soon and we’re having their farewell at Rookery.

I ordered one of the lunch sets and it comes with a soup of the day; cream of mushroom.

Tadaa! The glorious Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict. I like that they over season it will BBQ sauce, so I could still taste the natural flavour of pork. Tender and moist.

Very filling compared to the other lunch sets, I will very full after having just one.


Colleagues prepared birthday surprises too. LOL. Two of us here will be celebrating out birthdays soon.

Awkward moment when the waiter asked me to choose one. I asked, “Which one does not have cheese?” Oops. Both has cheese. Ha ha ha.


The best team.


Tea break. Genmaicha latte.

kyushu pancake cafe

It’s satisfy pancake craving day! We’re back at Kyushu Pancake Cafe.

Egg benedict pancakes, I think I still prefer the croque monsieur.

I wanted chocolate banana french toast but we got the waffle instead, we could have ordered wrongly or they got the wrong order. Oh well.


Ordered our mattress from Tilam King, the latex option from the luxury series.


Haven’t had Astons for a long time, think the serving is smaller now? Or, it depends on which outlet we are at?


I gave birth to a rabbit.

random musings

Okonomiyaki flavoured Pretz, very crunchy.


Went to the new place with my parents, made them green bean soup with the pressure cooker. Maybe I should cook it 5 minutes longer.

Mum also fried extra shallots for me! Weeee~


Yum. Supper.

tokachi tontaro

Saw Tokachi Tontaro on Burpple and decided to try. I ordered the smallest butadon which was like $12, comes with miso soup and pickles.

I feel the serving was quite small, even the largest serving may not be enough for a huge eater.

Pork slices may be a little chewy. Overall quite alright but I will not be back.

Added on crab croquettes too. Very crispy and creamy, nothing amazing. Be careful of the heat though.


I’ve walked pass Imakatsu a few times and finally got to visit here for lunch today. Since they are famous for katsu then I should order that, right? Comes with free flow salad.

I find the katsu a little dry, not as good as Ma Maison’s sadly. If not we would be here more often. The other mains are more affordable though, so we might come back for the other mains instead.


Meal redeemed!

kuro maguro

Lunch at Kuro Maguro because colleague loves the maguro here.

I feel that their serving of Chirashi-don is quite small, just look like the small heap of raw fish. NNot bad but I had better.


Left work early because menses is giving me a difficult time. Too painful. Better get home before I get too dizzy too. Probably bought too much snacks too.

Made red date tea to replenish some nutrients.

Nutritional Value of Red Date Tea
1. Maintains blood flow
It helps to maintain the strong flow of blood inside the arteries, therefore optimizing the blood flow.

2. Liver detoxification
Consuming red date tea can increase the body’s serum protein levels, best for protecting the liver and detoxifying the body.

3. Soothes the nerves to help sleep
This tea will help to alleviate stress, it is good to manage insomnia and results in better sleep. It can bring a pleasant feeling and minimize dizziness.

4. Eases sunspots or freckles
It is good to have the tea every afternoon. Reduces freckles, bringing a healthy skin appearance in the face and body.

5. Maintains youthfulness
Since it is a good anti-oxidant, it will help to maintain the youthfulness by reducing the appearance of early wrinkles in the face.

6. Soothes the stomach
It is good to soothe the heartburn and ease the stomach pain. Furthermore, it helps to prevent intestinal problems and maintain a good digestive metabolism.

7. Protects the throat
Consuming the tea can soothe the inflammation and aid in the treatment of a dry throat.

8. Tonifying Blood
If spleen and stomach are weakened it might affect blood supply and lead to blood deficiency. Some people believe that the tea can tonify the blood and help to avoid fatigue syndrome.

9. Reduce Cholesterol
Consuming the tea also good to maintain cardiovascular health, it helps to lower down bad cholesterol in the blood flow. Therefore, it can avoid the possibility of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke or heart attack.

10. To prevent cancer
The tea also benefits as lowers the risk of cancer. It slows down nutrient absorption of cancer cells and replaces with good cells in the body.


TC pan-fried salmon! Not bad leh, it’s nicely cooked, still pink and tender in the middle.

And a soup from Soup Spoon.