wafuken . huggs . pizza maru

Wafuken again because colleague wants to try the wagyu beef, while I had the chicken breast on donburi rice with edamame. The chicken breast was very very tender, not dry at all. Wagyu beef was tender too with a nice smoky touch.

Wafuken last week


Tried the Turmeric Soy Latte at Huggs because there’s no Chai Latte. Nubbad.


My dayima has been asking for pizza since morning, that craving was crazy and I thought I will just settle with a pan-sized from Pizza Hut. TC says my ‘bar dropped’, like why I settle with fastfood pizza. Hahahahha! Walaoeh. I just feel that anything that can satisfy will do.

TC brought me to Pizza Maru instead.

Ordered the Duck Duck Goes Quack Quack and Honey Garlic Fried Chicken.

Mmmmm… craving satisfied. Crust was slightly bready and chewy.

Green tea dough was used for this pizza, can see that it is slightly green.

The fried chicken was very good! Meat was very juicy. Skin very crispy.