wafuken . providore . grapesvine

Wafuken today! Rain has been raving about the steak and I’m finally here.

Smoked duck with potato salad on donburi rice (onsen egg on rice). Smoked duck was quite good. Potato salad can skip. Donburi rice was very comforting.

Oytser blade steak was very good, tender and juicy. Nom Nom. Can see us coming back again soon, bring other colleagues here too.


After lunch coffee at The Providore.


Went The Tuckshop with colleagues but they say the food few doors down at GrapeVine is much better, so here I am. Fish & Chips was just alright, not amazing. White bait quite good. Ok la, not super good food la. Maybe a 7.5 points out of 10?

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