marina bay carnival . two chef’s

Quick lunch at Shunfu Market, most of the stalls are closed and I don’t really want to eat char kway teow because seriously not a fan of Singapore-style char kway teow.


TC’s partner gave use $400 worth of credits for the rides and games at the Marina Bay Carnival, so here we are! We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have these credits because just the games alone are $5 per try. Feels good to play for free.

Peppa pig is the cutest plush out of all games. Should have just spend everything here to get it. Haha.

Played bumper car with the whole gang, it was really fun! I haven’t played this for a long long time, used to play with my cousins (a lot of us) and we will take over the whole place. Fun times, fun times.


Saw this in Hamley’s Toy Shop, so cute!


Two Chefs, for cheap and good tze cha.


Planning for our trip to Hokkaido! Yes la, looking forward.

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