takashimaya food stalls . mala xiang guo . ps cafe

Flower shop under the stairs. 😍

Grabbed some food from the food stalls in Takashimaya. This mini oink oink burger looks interesting; lechon with fresh vegetables and many sauces in pita bread.

It’s a very wet and messy burger, very salty and peppery. Even though it’s $2.50, I don’t think it’s worthed it.

Got this huge kakiage aka fried vegetables.

Think I have gotten this before and I forgot that this is quite oily to have. Alright during the first few mouthfuls but it feels like oil is oozing out at the later half. 😣

Introducing Sarah and Nic to the world of mala xiang guo. 😋 There are 2 bowls. Hahahaha!

Ps. Cafe for desserts.

The carrots cake is sooooooo good, soft and moist. Legit has a lot of carrots inside and the cream cheese at the top is not dry.

Double chocolate blackout cake.

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