express by chatterbox . omotesando koffee

Chicken rice at Express by Chatterbox.
I can’t remember if I had the expensive chicken rice at Chatterbox before but if it’s anything like this one I had today. Then it’s not worth going.

$8.50 for the meal below.

Rice was not fragrant, even I can cook rice that’s more fragrant than this. Although the chicken is succulent, it feel likes there are much more succulent ones outside for a much lower price like Jew Kit which I recently went. I won’t be back.


Also checked Omotesando Koffee off my list. I ordered whatever that looks nice on the menu, the Iced Mochaccino, $8.

Staff will ask if you will be alright with the dollop of cork-sized whip cream. I don’t know how I should react. Should I refuse because it is fattening? 🤔

[Update] I have no idea how it looks like and there are no pictures on the menu. My drink should look like this which is their signature but… I was given another drink instead. *Service fail liao*

No idea what this drink is. I don’t think it’s worth $8, even my colleague who did get the Iced Mochaccino thinks so too. No, don’t spend the money just for instagram too.


Found a nice little wooden bench to add inside the house but freaked out when I saw the price. $159. 😱

Taobao is my best friend.



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