just dough . mos burger

Kiss and cuddling Tifa, while she licks my armpit. 😂


Haven’t had Mala Xiang Guo at Raffles City for quite some time. Craving satisfied!


Here at the Fountain of Wealth to battle at the Pokemon gym. Hahaha!
Managed to catch a Shiny Lugia. Woohoo! Lucky!

Tourist circling in the middle after the waterfall has stopped.

From Wikipedia:
It is claimed that visitors to Suntec City, who walk around the central base of the Fountain three times and touching the water at all times, would gain some good luck of their own.


The mantou from Just Dough looks so fluffy! You can walk in and get piping hot mantous instead of the room temperature ones displayed on shelves. $1.20 each.


Mos Burger’s keema curry chicken katsu rice burger this time. 👍

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