kuro maguro

Today we’re having lunch at Kuro Maguro because colleague is craving for it. Two expensive lunches in a row… poor die me.

Not a fan of tuna, and I’m trying to get something that’s from the lower price range, decided to get the mini bowl, choose 3 items for $22.80. Like that I can try a bit of everything!

Woohoo! Looks so happy!

Mini barachirashi. I think it’s alright, nothing amazing.

Mini Salmon & Toro Aburi Meshi. Really not a fan of tuna, even though I really want to enjoy it like how other people do.

Mini Salmon Terimayo Aburi Meshi. Not bad but not amazing.

OK, so if you have the J Passport app, you can claim a piece of fatty otoro sashimi with the e-coupon.


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