the problem with agoda . ippudo . dimbulah

My Mum called all the way from Taiwan telling me that her hotel room was not confirmed because they could not process the payment even though the booking was done via Agoda. If payment did not go through (I have confirmed that the payment was not made), then why did I still receive the confirmation? Omgawd!

Shock! My Mum is alone in Taipei and she doesn’t have a credit card. What if she gets stranded there?

So what I found out is that Agoda does not charge us directly, our credit cards details will be sent to the hotels for them to charge us. Another surprise, which means that if Agoda’s security breach, our cards details will be leaked?

I submitted details of my AMEX card but hotel does not accept AMEX, so why allow the AMEX function? In the end, I have to give another card details through my Mum’s phone.

Called Agoda at 1pm and they have not updated me since. What kind of service is this? Luckily, I still managed to settle it.


Agoda killed my mood when having Ippudo ramen. Taste so-so, definitely not worth my $22 excluding taxes.


Dimbulah is not bad. At least I’m not having a sore throat. Haha.