ikea furniture . mcdonalds thai milk tea soft serve

Furniture is here and I assembled them myself! Other than the part where I don’t have the tool for it.


First time… we felt like there’s nothing for us to eat at Sushi Express. =( The new item on the menu, crab with mentaiko, is nothing amazing too. You know crabstick is really quite tasteless.

Both of us only had 7 plates. New ‘low’ record. Hahahaha!


McDonald’s Thai milk tea soft serve is a fail. Heavy use of essence and too sweet. It tastes more like earl grey instead. Not that I don’t like earl grey but… but… expecting something but getting something else totally different is very disappointing.

Good thing the chocolate pie is also out of stock because it’s not chocolaty at all. Cheat feelings. Makes me wonder if it tastes the same in other countries.