printoss . mos keema curry chicken katsu burger

Kept testing on the Printoss, it’s so weird because TC and I have the exact same phones but my prints will have a blue tone. Then we found it that it is due to the blue light, TC has his blue light filter on.

So yes, remember to turn on your blue light filter if you are using Samsung phones.


Mos has this new Keema Curry Chicken Katsu Burger, it’s very nice! I like the touch of curry and it doesn’t over power the original fragrance of chicken katsu. Good balance.


Popped by 100 Selegie, the place has changed again. More paintings. Going to be a International Women’s Party tonight, think there’s Attagirl and Rebel Daughters. Although I have no idea who they are (I don’t party) but they seem pretty popular.


Bought lots of furniture from Ikea. Glad we did snack before we start the hunt because the wait to collect and deliver was sooooo long.


Did you guys see Mario on Google map? So cute but hmm… not very engaging.


Cappuccino Melty Kiss tastes weird. Eek.


Haiyo. I really should stop having late night meals.

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