kajiken . jew kit

Colleague was raving about the Nagoya style dry ramen from Kajiken, kept wanting to bring us here for lunch.

She says we must have it with cod roe and mayo, so here it is! (Why does it feel like my Japan trip has not ended yet? 😅)

Noodles are the fat kind, let’s call it thin udon or rather I think it’s like Okinawa style udon (because I never have the real Nagoya style ramen before). It’s comforting because of the egg, cod roe and mayo (two kinds of eggs in one) but it does get quite jelak after some time. Colleague thinks is due to the mayo but I think it’s due to the noodles.

Overall it’s not bad but not something that I will come back again because I can easily replicate this. 😆


Supposed to have dinner at Whampoa Keng Fish Head Steamboat but somebody says that it’s expensive, we ended up at Jew Kit.

The food here really looks not bad, think they are famous for their chicken rice.

Don’t know why but I got craving for Plum powdered sweet potatoes.

The chicken is really plump. Quite tender too. 👍

Lap cheong egg. I like lap cheong. 😁 Salted egg pork rib was pretty alright too. We also had a nai bai and a handmade dumpling soup that’s not pictured. I like the dumpling soup, simple and comforting.


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