reno updates

So hot here back in Singapore but I actually don’t mind it because I’m so tired of putting on thick armour everyday until my shoulders are aching.

Kueh Bangkit from Vietnam, my SIL bought it back for me. She stopped me from getting it during CNY, says Vietnam’s nicer.

Round shape no stock, so she got the long ones. Look like maggots hor? 🙊

It’s more crunchy leh. Not melt in mouth. ☹


Damn Scoot why you tempt me? #dontsaybojio


Checking on the progress of the house to see what has been done while we are away.

Main door

We have the storeroom hidden behind the mirror.

I actually didn’t plan for this but I can open and use the mirror when I’m doing exercises!

Love how the living room looks, with the foldable table right there. Tables are always welcomed. 😁


Most of the accessories are in.

Carpenter did a wonderful job to ‘leave no space behind’. I can have drawers under the sink!

More extendable tables. 👍

This will be a spice rack.

Master bedroom

Love how my mini walk-in closet is coming together.

A full length mirror is going to be right there.


Dinner! Supposed to be healthy but why McDonald’s pair it with fries for the set meal?

Kill me.


Give me time. I’ll get back to updating my posts for Japan. Got too tired during the last 3 days and I took too many photos during the Shunie festival. 😅