malaysia day 1 – penang to kampar

Flying off to Penang with parents for our annual tomb sweeping, so glad for Qing Ming, at least I get to go back once every year.


Landed! Now grabbing some snacks and my beloved iced milo (only when in Malaysia) while we wait for the rental cars to come. Kaya toast was stale, rojak tasted just alright.


Yay! I have the whole back car seat for myself, I could lay down and watch the clouds go by.


Lunch first at Super Tanker Food Centre before we head to Kampar. There aren’t a lot of shops open at the time we reach at 4pm.

I recommend this roast meat stall, especially the char siew. You will get a bowl of soup if you are having rice and it’s a very awesome soup even if it’s cooked with leftover scraps.

Char kway teow, awesome. If only you could see how translucent it is.


Always a good thing to be sharing our location, so we know where the cars are.


Dinner before we head home, if not nobody will want to head out for dinner. Hahaha!

I must have my curry chee cheong fun and this stall is only available at night. They have the best fried items to go with your main.

Glutinous rice, don’t forget to add curry sauce.


Bought two bottles of Calpis yogurt drink, Mango and Grape. Mango tastes like orange, Grape tastes mild.


house updates

Lunch to prep for physical activities!


Love my dining chairs, too bad my dining table won’t be coming soon.

The bar stools are a little short for my standing table, gonna try selling them and buy another pair.


Took us hours to setup the dressing table and the bed has missing packages, so it’s just like that. Hahaha! Gonna resolve that.


Late late dinner.

men-tei ramen . pho stop . a-one claypot house

At Men-Tei Ramen because there have seats available and we don’t want to waste time waiting for tables.

Had the Specialty Tonkotsu Ramen; soup was alright, char siew was a little tough to chew and I taste preservatives in the noodles. $14.90. Probably won’t be back.


Tried some finger food at Pho Stop, I think I should come back here for their mains. The pork chop is tasty and chicken wings are nicely fried.


A-one Claypot House at Star Vista has 50% off selected porridges if you have a minimum of one drink, no limit to the number of porridges though. We always order a pot of fruit tea and 2 porridges, so it’s a very good deal for us!

chen’s mapo tofu . lunar coffee brewers

Chen’s Mapo Tofu. I didn’t order the signature mapo tofu dish and had the buta don instead, which is stir-fried onion & pork slices on rice with an onsen egg. The serving is very big and would get a little jelak. I couldn’t finish the rice.

Lunar Coffee Brewers. Had the Chai Latte as my throat isn’t feeling very good, I better avoid coffee. Good thing is that they used soy milk.

marina bay carnival . two chef’s

Quick lunch at Shunfu Market, most of the stalls are closed and I don’t really want to eat char kway teow because seriously not a fan of Singapore-style char kway teow.


TC’s partner gave use $400 worth of credits for the rides and games at the Marina Bay Carnival, so here we are! We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have these credits because just the games alone are $5 per try. Feels good to play for free.

Peppa pig is the cutest plush out of all games. Should have just spend everything here to get it. Haha.

Played bumper car with the whole gang, it was really fun! I haven’t played this for a long long time, used to play with my cousins (a lot of us) and we will take over the whole place. Fun times, fun times.


Saw this in Hamley’s Toy Shop, so cute!


Two Chefs, for cheap and good tze cha.


Planning for our trip to Hokkaido! Yes la, looking forward.