japan day 5 – osaka . kuromon market . dotonburi . namba . matsusaka m

At our next Airbnb!

There’s a little kitchen.

Washing machine and a separate shower room.

Underused wardrobe and balcony.


Hungry. Grabbed food at the nearby Kuromon Market.

Wolfed these strawberry mochis down our tum tums.

Unagi tastes quite standard. Scallops are quite good but not as good as the ones we had at Nishiki Market.

Came to this stall to get their delicious oden and fish. Everything is sooooo delish. 😋

Didn’t get these pufferfish.

These strawberries are so huge, it’s like a small apple but the price…

Meal for two!

Although this fatty tuna sushi looks good… Don’t get them. It’s too big and thick. Not fat enough to melt in your mouth too. Very difficult to chew. I have once again lose faith in tuna.

They are better eaten microwaved and dipped in the leftover fish sauce.


Shopping happened at Dotonburi.

This melonpan with ice-cream is popular but I didn’t get it because there’s a very strong butter lingering around the area.

Dessert before dinner at McDonald’s!

Oreo McFlurry is ¥290, a little more.expensive than Singapore’s but they are way more generous with the oreo bits.

Tried the new premium hazelnut chocolate pastry pie. It’s soooo good. There’s like two dollops of nutella. 😋


Yakiniku at Matsusaka M. Finally back to satisfy my craving.

Ordered a 2 person share fatty beef platter, and I’m the only person having it because TC doesn’t eat beef.

TC’s fatty pork, pork kalbi and chicken.

Scallops! (We had so much scallops during this trip. 😋)

Almost forgot the hotpot garlic rice.


Together with beer and highball.


We were just in time to watch a praying a progress, at the little shrine right outside the restaurant!

The horn that they are blowing is actually a huge conch shell.

All the while wondering is the paper garlands hanging at the top will catch fire or not.


Slow-roasted sweet potato for supper. I saw a lot of people queuing to get it, so I joined the queue. (Singaporean’s logic; got queue means got good stuff)

Then realise that it isn’t cheap leh! Approximately $10 for a large sweet potato.

It really is huge. We couldn’t finish it. 🤣


Please work your magic! Help me lose weight!