rare life facts . importing dayre

Oh man. This is a good one.





Oh yes! I have finally succeeded after so many tries since yesterday! Import starting soon! Thanks to dayxport.fun!

Sorry, I have like 5 or 6 thousand posts since 2013. Better than the one who had like 20 thousand posts last night, right?


😮 Guess I’m going to spend time combining the posts. Posts created on the same day are now separate posts.


[Update] those are actually the backdated posts because I changed the date on my phone to post, so it means that I need to double check every single posts and makes sure the dates are correct.


When I ask my boss, “Do I need to be at the meeting?” The answer should be a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, not ‘I don’t know’. WTF. Why is he such an indecisive person?

Then again, it’s so obvious when he’s watching boxing videos, everyone knows. Even worse when I see him doing a ‘GOAL!’, he didn’t scream or what. Just a very sudden, arms in the air with a very huge ‘Yes!’ smile on his face. Then, turns to see if any directors are behind him.


Does he really think nobody can see?