i love my rabbit

It’s one of the “Dang! I’m so lucky to have her”-kind of moment.

#dayrepet #tifarabbit


I’m trying to import all my posts from Dayre right now but I’m sure whether it’s working because the number of posts is not increasing. The server may be having a difficult time right now because a lot of people are trying to export their posts at the same time.

Although I already have everything backed up but I still hope that it’s easily available for myself to refer back. I do look back at my posts when I want can’t remember what I’ve done, or where I have eaten before.


Tried the rum fill candy from Ireland, it’s interesting. Doesn’t really taste like rum to me, more like Choya because it has this sour plum taste.

Onigiri for lunch again. Somehow I don’t mind having this everyday for lunch for these few days.

Cooked noodles to eat with Mum’s leftover pengcai. Yum.

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