lunar new year day 3 – hai di lao

Got visiting today! Finally!



Uncle is treating us lunch at Hai Di Lao, IMM’s branch. First time visiting the actual restaurant, my first HDL experience was delivered. Still not a fan though, other than the service, the food is just alright. I do find the service a bit intrusive though. Hahahaha! Like when I’m putting food in mouth halfway, they will come asking, “Do you need this?” “Do you want a hot towel?” “Do you want a refill?” yada yada…


Got my nails done though. Speedy job, not bad la. Just note that if you already have got gelish on your nails, you will need to have it removed before they will do it for you. They don’t do removal.


Never take group photo with everyone. Alamak!


Second round, steamboat again!


Got peng cai too with all the goodness inside. Next time I wanna try preparing my own peng cai.


Lots of chill and chat nonsense.


With this bunch.